Win up to $75,000 USD in the Youth4Nature #DiversityDay Call-Out for Stories on Society, Culture and Biodiversity (Ages 18-20)

Are you a youth between the ages of 18 and 20 with a story that bridges society, culture and nature?

Then apply for the Youth4Nature #DiversityDay Call-Out for Stories on Society, Culture and Biodiversity for a chance at the cash prize of $75 USD and an opportunity to become a member of Y4N’s brand new global storytelling community.

Application Deadline: June 30 2021


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Everyone whose submission gets approved for our umbrella YSOF campaign will:

  • Get their story uploaded to our digital multimedia Story-map, with the potential to be featured on our socials, newsletter and website.
  • Become a member (for individuals)/partner (for organisations) of Y4N’s brand-new Global Storytelling Community: a sustainable global community to connect storytellers with each other and stay up-to-date with them, promoting impact-driven opportunities, capacity-building resources, co-produced activities and collaborative mobilisations.
  • Be on the pool of potential first grantees for our upcoming pilot micro-grants programme, which will exclusively offer Storytelling Community members & prospective storytellers seed and growth funding for youth-led/intergenerational climate-nature projects on-the-ground, coupled with mentoring and training opportunities.



A total of six winner stories will be chosen at random among approved submissions for each category that meet our eligibility criteria, adhere to the call-out’s themes, and follow our general submission guidelines. Regarding prizes:

  • For individuals, the winner will be entitled to a single prize of their choice worth up to US$75 USD, including one of the following options
  • Costs of a creative artistic software/editorial programme that would help share their story and biodiversity work with a wider audience.
  • Grant-based contribution to on-the-ground initiative or projects led by social justice and cultural groups seeking to create/extend their environmental programmes, with an emphasis on empowering, mobilising and capacity-building endeavours.
  • Expenses of educational and capacity-building materials on diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) issues in the biodiversity space. Examples include courses, books, learning materials, equipment, journal subscriptions, etc.


For groups, the winner will be entitled to a single prize of their choice worth up to US$250, including one of the following options:

  • Costs of storytelling-related equipment and resources that would help amplify the group’s story and biodiversity work.
  • Grant-based contribution to the group’s on-the-ground biodiversity initiative, with an emphasis on social justice, minority/marginalised groups empowerment and DEI capacity-building endeavours.
  • Expenses of shareable educational and capacity-building materials on environmental justice, and on DEI/social issues. Examples include courses, learning materials, books, equipment, journal subscriptions, etc


  • Participants should be between 18 and 30 years old.
  • If under the age of 18, please have your parent or guardian fill out the Media Release agreement linked below. Submissions from those under 18 will not be accepted without the completed form.
  • Submissions can be made by both individuals or groups.
  • In the case of groups, we accept groups in which 1) all members are youth, or 2) at least half of the members are youth but the focus is on youth-led or (intergenerational) community-led action.
  • We accept audio, visual, audiovisual and written submissions.

Details on accepted files and other technical guidance can be found below. 

  • All story submissions must include a clear title and a short written description.
  • For non-anonymous stories, you will also be asked to submit a short biography and a picture of the author(s) (if possible).
  • All submissions must be the original work of the author(s). If submitting a story that has previously been published, the story must be updated in some way and a link to the previous publication must be included in the submission.
  • We encourage linguistic diversity within our storytelling work and we have a multi-lingual team. The current working languages of our campaign are English, French, Arabic, Swahili, Spanish and Portuguese, thus we accept stories in all these languages.
  • If submitting in a language other than English, your story will be published in said language and with an English translation. To this end, we highly encourage you to provide an English translation if possible (i.e.  text, audio, subtitles) to prevent any misunderstandings in translation.
  • Additional languages not listed above are welcome, please get in touch with the Storytelling Director ( to know more.
  • Within these limits, you can be as creative as you want! Think of your audience: young people who are looking to be inspired and moved by their peers.

Check out the rest of the storytelling campaign submission guidelines here

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Application Instructions

Remember to use the hashtags #YourStoryOurFuture and #Y4NStorytelling on social media so we can follow and amplify your work. You can tag us too, we are @Y4Nature on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youth4Nature on LinkedIn!

Submit your story

About the Youth4Nature #DiversityDay Call-Out for Stories on Society, Culture and Biodiversity


In observance of the twin Diversity Days 2021 (World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, 21st of May; International Day for Biological Diversity, 22nd of May), our #YourStoryOurFuture Storytelling Campaign is running a month-long special call-out for compelling and strong stories from youth that bridge society, culture and nature. 

Although bringing together the social and the ecological is already at the heart of our Storytelling Programme, we want to use this specific period of time to center and support global social movements and their remembrance, mobilisations and awareness campaigns happening across May & June, including World Refugee Day, LGBTQI+ Pride Month, and the anniversary of the George Floyd anti-racism protests. 

At Y4N we also recognise that such bridge is not only timely, but growingly urgent. The world is currently grappling with an array of cultural shifts and social inequalities exacerbated by the ongoing pandemic and by the business-as-usual practices which are also behind the climate and ecological crises. As a global youth group from a variety of backgrounds and walks of life, it is clear for us that there is no climate or environmental justice without (diverse forms of) social justice.

There will be one prize for each winner under each of the following themes:


Key Dates and Order of Program

CONTEST BEGINS ON 21th May AND ENDS ON the 21st of June at 00:00 PST

6 individuals and/or group winners will be chosen at random among all those who fill this survey before the 21st of June at 00:00 PST.

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