Win up to €5,000 in the YALTA Business Accelerator 2021 for SMEs in East Africa (For East African Young entrepreneurs in agriculture, food and nutrition)

Are you a young entrepreneur dealing in agriculture, food and nutrition in Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda or Uganda?

Do you have an agroecological idea for a sustainable, healthy and diverse food system?  Then you should apply for the ALTA Business Accelerator 2021. 

10 selected participants will benefit from business & Innovation skills training, innovation jams and coaching to improve their agroecological ideas and turn them into a plan that is ready to be implemented.


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The 10 selected participants receive

  • Business and innovation skills training
  • Coaching to develop. test. iterate and pitch their agroecological solution like a pro
  • Opportunity to pitch in front of investors
  • Opportunity to have follow-up coaching sessions


The winners will receive

  • Matching grant for the implementation of their solution:
  • 1st Prize: €5,000
  • 2nd Prize: €3,000
  • 3rd Prize: €2,000
  • Close support during Implementation


The opportunity is open to :

  • Young entrepreneurs in agriculture, food and nutrition

Requirements/Specifications/Terms and Conditions

Applicants must :

  • Be managing a local business for the local / regional market in Ethiopia / Kenya/ Rwanda or Uganda
  • Have an idea to improve your business so that it contributes to a sustainable food system
  • Have a business that has been running for over 1 year
  • Be available to travel to Nairobi for a 3-day long in-person training at the end of August (travel costs reimbursed) if the COVID-19 measures allow
  • Be available and able to participate in the training online, including participation on virtual sessions and online self study sessions over the period of 2 weeks at the end of August if the COVID-19 measures do not allow

Free Worksheet and Checklist

Here at Camberene, we go the extra mile to make sure you win. So we have designed a beautiful checklist to help you keep track of your progress and make sure you’re doing things correctly.

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Application Instructions

Click here to fill the application form by June 30 at 24:00 EAT the latest. Once they have received your application, you will receive a confirmation email.

About the Youth in Agroecology and Business Learning Track Africa (YALTA).

2021 for SMEs in East Africa (For East African Young entrepreneurs in agriculture, food and nutrition)

The YALTA Business Accelerator is an initiative of The Netherland Foods Partnership within the Youth in Agroecology and Business Learning Track Africa (YALTA).

Discover more from The Netherland Foods Partnership. 

Key Dates and Order of Program

  • 30 June 2021: Application
  • July 2021: Selection
  • August 2021: Training
  • Sept – Nov 2021: Coaching
  • Dec 2021: Innovation Jam
  • Jan 2022: Final Pitch. announcing winners
  • Feb 2022: Awards to winners
  • Feb – June 2022: Follow-up coaching
  • They are looking for SMEs who already follow principles of sustainability, aim to benefit people and the planet, and who have clear agroecological ideas on how to do better.
  • Winning ideas contribute to one or more of these goals:
    • Resource efficiency (waste reduction, regenerative agriculture and circular practices)
    • Dietary diversity
    • Agrobiodiversity
    • Synergies and co-creation in the food system
    • Human health and wellbeing
    • Creating value for low Income or other vulnerable groups.
  • Besides impact potential on these goals, applications will be evaluated based on:
  • Feasibility and clarity of the Idea
  • Desirability: is the idea benefiting your customers, clients?
  • Viability: is the business model behind the idea viable?
  • Current contribution to agroecological principles: what do you do already in your business to be resource-efficient, and benefit people and the planet?
  • Suitability: is the YALTA Business Accelerator a good fit for you based on your ambitions.
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