Get Ability Awards for Women with Disabilities in the Her Abilities Awards 2020

Nominate women with disabilities who has accomplished outstanding achievements in the Her Abilities Awards 2020 for a chance to get her the recognition she deserves for her contribution to society.

Help Her Abilities shine a light on a globally marginalized group, women living with disabilities but still channeling the best of their abilities to breaking down barriers and creating change for themselves and society. Their successes would be celebrated and selected nominees would be given actual awards in any of 3 award categories they fall into. 

See below for details on eligibility, deadline, award categories, and how to submit your nomination. 

Application Deadline: September 27, 2020


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Selected nominees will receive a certificate and physical awards in any of the 3 categories below:

  • Health & Education: For women with disabilities from the health or education sector.
  • Rights: For women with disabilities from the advocacy and rights sector, who advocate for the rights of people with disabilities and their inclusion.
  • Arts, Culture & Sports: For women with disabilities from the arts, culture, and sports sectors.

Other  benefits include:

  • Invitation to join a celebrated network of other strong successful women dedicated to finding opportunities to support each other in their further pursuit of justice, equality, and excellence.
  • Light for the World will open their networks and will try to ensure speaking opportunities for the winners.
  • Promotion of the winners’ stories via Light for the World’s online and offline media, 
  • Widespread public visibility for their projects 


This awards program is open to

  • Women with disabilities from the age of 18. 
  • Women who fit into one of the 3 categories mentioned above.


  • Anyone can nominate a candidate for the award except members of the jury
  • The Award program/nomination is strictly for women  with disabilities
  • The nominator must inform the nominee about her nomination for the Her Abilities Award. 
  • Nominees must give their consent to being nominated and participating in the awards program. She must be in agreement with the processing of the data about her disabilities as far as necessary for the award ceremony. 
  • The number of nominations does not affect the selection process. Nominating the same person multiple times is discouraged.

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Application Instructions

For your nomination to be accepted, 

  • Nominators must download, sign, and upload a consent declaration form.
  • Nominations can be completed online. In case you find the online form difficult to use, you can also download it, fill it with the information required on the webform, attach a portrait photo of the nominee and email it to
  • Click here to submit your nomination

For any issues encountered with the nomination, email

About Her Abilities Awards 2020

Founded in 2018 by Light for the World with support from the Right Livelihood Award winner, Yetnebersh Nigussie, Her Abilities is a first of its kind award program committed to publicly honoring, celebrating, and recognizing the achievements of women with disabilities.

A purely honorary award program, the initiative caters to a group of women who are underrepresented in most sectors and rarely get the recognition they deserve for their accomplishments. The Award highlights their leadership potential and contributions, which are so often ignored. 

The Award spans across three categories:

  • Health & Education:

Women with disabilities from the health or education sector, including but not limited to: teachers, teaching assistants, headmasters, university professors, doctors, surgeons, nurses, community health workers, etc.

  • Rights:

Women with disabilities from the advocacy and rights sector, who advocate for the rights of people with disabilities and their inclusion. They could be working for an NGO or charity, a business, within a governmental organization, or simply in their local communities to achieve vital change.

  • Arts, Culture & Sports:

​​​​​​​Women with disabilities from the arts, culture, and sports sectors, including but not limited to: artists, actors, comedians, poets, Paralympians, runners, singers, swimmers, writers, etc.

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Key Dates and Order of Program

Nominations start from 6th of July 2020 and will close by 27th of September 2020

Nominations are reviewed and winners are chosen by the jury. 

The jury will consider the following primary criteria in the judging process:

  • Impact: To what extent this person has achieved excellence in their life and field of work
  • Recognition: If this person has an untold or underreported story which particularly deserves to be told 
  • Relevance: If this person’s story has relevance to current rights and social debates, which could inspire others into action

Furthermore, the jury may, as a secondary consideration, look at the balance between the three category winners in any given year (including e.g. geographical spread, diversity in personal profiles, and types of achievement).

All nominees and their nominators will be contacted by the ending of the judging process.

Networking and Partnership Opportunities

Light for the World, founder of Her Abilities is supported by international organizations that share its vision of an inclusive society. 

These partners include 

  • Able magazine: Senior Disability Media Partner UK

Able Magazine is a UK-based disability lifestyle publication centered on writing about the things that matter to disabled people.

  • Zero Project – For a world without barriers

The Zero Project advocates the rights of persons with disabilities globally with a new and innovative approach.

Past winners

Read about 2018 winners across all categories  here 

Read about 2019 winners across all categories here

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