The Walter Reuter German Journalism Award is for Mexican and Latin American Journalists who publish in the Mexican media. Sign up for the 2020 Walter Reuter Journalism Award to be part of a cause to promote freedom of expression and recognize quality journalistic activity in Mexico.

Winning works will be awarded monetary prizes.

Application Deadline: January 31, 2021.


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Each category will be awarded independently, in 3 first places for each of them. The prizes will consist of:

  • For the 1st place winners 
    • 20,000 Mexican Pesos, 
    • an all-expenses-paid trip to Germany, and 
    • a 10-week German course.
  • For the 2nd place winners- 10,000 Mexican Pesos 
  • For the 3rd place winners – 5,000 Mexican Pesos


The contest is open for 

  • Mexican journalists and Latin American journalists living in Mexico.
  • Different media, genres and journalistic formats. 
  • Entries must have been published between January 1, 2020 and January 31, 2021 in Mexican media or foreign Spanish-language media published in Mexico.


  • The Walter Reuter German Prize for Journalism has three categories:
    • Written Press
    • Radio, Television and Multimedia
    • Photography and Caricature

Works will be accepted in these three categories. 

  • Complete books or films will not be accepted, although book articles in journalistic format and published in a media outlet may be submitted independently.
  • Several authors can participate as a collective work, which must refer to all the authors of the work. 

It should be noted that if the work is the winner, it will receive a single award. Whoever registers the work must specify how the award will be distributed among its authors.

  • Entrants can participate with a maximum of three jobs, but can only win a prize with one of them.
  • Serial works can be submitted as part of a series, and must be mentioned as such in the registration form, choose the best three works in the series and attach them separately.
  • The works of this fourteenth edition (2020) must be related to the thematic axis “Inequality, Violence and Poverty in times of Coronavirus”.
  • Applicants must confirm that there are no conflicts in terms of copyright for the evaluation, reproduction and awards (in case of being the winner) of the works presented.
  • In order to promote a broad participation in the contest, the winners of the PAPWR will not be able to present works for the next three editions.

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Application Instructions

To apply,

About the Walter Reuter German Journalism Award

Journalists who won the Walter Reuter German Journalism Award

The Walter Reuter German Journalism Award (PAPWR) is an award for Mexican and Latin American journalists who publish in Mexican media. 

It’s aimed towards Journalism professionals who publish in print, on radio, on television or on the Internet. 

It’s an effort launched in collaboration by nine German institutions with very different interests, to promote freedom of expression and to honor quality journalistic activity in Mexico. 

This award is intended to further encourage journalists to treat current issues with professionalism and depth.

Key Dates and Order of Program

The deadline for the registration of works is January 31, 2021 at 23:59 hrs.

The entries will be reviewed by an independent and highly prestigious jury, chosen by the nine organizing institutions of the award to guarantee ideological pluralism within the award. 

Each of the organisations administering the award chooses a member of the jury independently. Thus, the jury is made up of nine members and a President.

The method of evaluation of the works will be strictly anonymous, meaning that the jury evaluates the works without knowing the names of the authors, and not in what medium it was published. To ensure an impartial decision, each work will be read by two separate members of the jury. Each member of the jury will nominate three semifinalist works, which will be debated in person by the full jury. At the end they are put to a vote before knowing the job data.

Each category will be awarded independently, that is, there will be three first, three second and three third places.

Selections are made by majority vote.

Networking and Partnership Opportunities

The Walter Reuter German Prize for Journalism is organised by nine German institutions that work independently of each other in Mexico. They are the following institutions:

  • Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Mexico
  • Goethe – Institut Mexico
  • Konrad Adenauer Foundation
  • Heinrich Böll Foundation
  • Friedrich Ebert Foundation
  • Rosa Luxemburg Foundation
  • Friedrich Naumann Foundation
  • Mexican-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Deutsche Welle
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