Call for Applications for young African professionals in the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) fellowship programme 2021

Are you below 35 years of age and currently enrolled in a Ph.D. programme? then apply for the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) fellowship programme 2021

If UNECA selects you, you’ll will receive a one-off settling-in grant of USD 3,000 and a monthly stipend of USD 3,000 each for the duration of the fellowship.

Read on for eligibility, benefits, and how to make sure they select you.

Application Deadline: April 14 2021


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The selected Fellows will receive a one-off settling-in grant of USD 3,000 and a monthly stipend of USD 3,000 each for the duration of the fellowship. Note that the final month stipend will only be paid upon submission of:

  •  A peer-reviewed fellowship research paper, 
  •  A comprehensive fellowship report, an approved final performance evaluation of 
  • the fellow, 
  •  A completed fellowship programme evaluation form and
  •  An exit boarding pass or immigration stamp showing that the fellow has departed the duty station and returned back to his/her home country, where both are not the same, at the end of the fellowship programme.


Candidates applying for Fellowship position must be below 35 years of age when entering the programme. They must have Master’s Degree or related Advanced degree. Candidates currently enrolled in a Ph.D programme or with an admission are also welcome to apply

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Application Instructions

Candidates must submit their PHPs and the following documents as PDF attachment:

UN personal history profile (PHP). Download here

Follow the directions here to create your PHP, save the draft as a PDF, and include the PDF as an attachment with your email.

  • A research proposal of not less than 1,000 words (in candidate’s preferred thematic area listed above)
  • Copy of academic certificates.
  • Copy of applicant’s national passport(information page only) and;
  • Three letters of reference and recommendation.

All submissions must be emailed to with the subject line – ECA fellowship for young African professionals 2021.

About the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) fellowship programme

ECA is the regional arm of the United Nations in Africa. Its mandate is to promote the economic and social development of Africa. ECA’s dual role as a regional arm of the UN, and a part of the regional institutional landscape in Africa, positions it well to make unique contributions to member States’ efforts to address their development challenges. Its strength derives from its role as the only UN agency mandated to operate at the regional and sub-regional levels to harness resources and bring them to bear on Africa’s priorities. 

As a foremost knowledge policy institution in Africa, ECA seeks to engage bright young Africans for skills and capacity development, training and mentorship through a fellowship programme within ECA’s work programme. This fellowship initiative is in line with the Commission’s effort to assist member States develop their capacities in economic and social policy research, development, implementation, analysis, governance, and monitoring and evaluation. 

The ECA is hereby inviting applications from qualified young African Professionals in the following thematic areas:

  •  Macroeconomic policy, Economic Governance & Public Finance; 
  •  Private Sector Development & Finance, including Innovative Finance & Capital 
  • Markets;
  •  Poverty, Inequality and social policy;
  •  Gender equality and women empowerment;
  •  Demographic Dynamics for Development;
  •  Innovation and Technology; 
  •  Climate Change &Management of Natural Resources, including Green Economy;
  •  Industrialization and Economic Diversification Policies;
  •  Development Planning and Statistics;

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Key Dates and Order of Program

Deadline for Application is April 14th 2021

The fellowship program is for six months but may be extended for a maximum of 

another six months.

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