Get up to $100,000 Investment for Early to Growth Stage Start-ups in the THRIVE VIII Accelerator Program 2022

Are you an early growth stage start up?

Then apply for the THRIVE VIII Accelerator Program 2022 for a chance at an investment of up to $100,ooo in your business as well as exposure for your brand, mentorship and coaching opportunities.

Application Deadline: November 5 2021


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  • INVESTMENT We provide companies with an investment of $100,000 ($50k cash investment and $50k in program value) for 5% equity. In some cases, we make follow-on investments.
  • MENTORSHIP:  We pair each startup with expert mentors and advisors from our global mentor network.
  • COACHING: We provide companies with invaluable business coaching covering pitch development and delivery, sales and marketing, investment, legal guidance, global expansion, and more.
  • ENGAGEMENT WITH CORPORATES: We provide startups direct access to some of the largest food and agriculture corporates to initiate product testing, commercialization, and acquisition.
  • FORBES AGTECH SUMMIT: Our startups get to pitch at Demo Day at the Forbes AgTech Summit, set up their own demo table at the Innovation Showcase, and receive tickets to attend the two-day event.
  • ACCESS TO FARMERS: Through our extensive partner network inclusive of over 6000+ farmers, growers, and agriculture partners, we provide startups with opportunities to conduct active field trials.
  • AWARD-WINNING PROGRAM: Participation in our award-winning program will validate your startup to potential investors and give you access to THRIVE’s ecosystem, network, customers, and investment in addition to significant perks from network partners IBM, STRIPE, Hubspot, Zendesk, AWS, Zenefits and Carta.
  • BRAND EXPOSURE: You will receive a multitude of brand exposure opportunities & the opportunity for global press & media spotlight at Demo Day at the annual Forbes AgTech Summit.


THRIVE Accelerator looks for early to growth stage startups with technologies focused in the following areas:

  • Big Data & Predictive Analytics
  • Supply Chain Management AND Traceability
  • Biotechnology
  • Robotics & Automation
  • Indoor Farming
  • Innovative Food
  • Farm Management Software, Sensing, and IOT
  • Animal Health & Livestock

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Application Instructions

Click the link to Apply Here

About the THRIVE VIII Accelerator Program

THRIVE is the #1 Agtech Accelerator and the most active agtech investor in the world. We are committed to advancing the future of food and agriculture through innovation, and we provide startups with investment, access to our corporate and farmer network, expert mentorship and advice, and phenomenal exposure through our THRIVE | Forbes Demo Day at the annual Forbes AgTech Summit.

The selected companies benefit from a 3 month virtual and in-person accelerator program that provides investment, direct access to the largest agriculture companies and farmers located in the Salinas and Central California growing regions, and mentorship from top industry leaders.

Discover more opportunities from SVG Ventures | THRIVE.

Key Dates and Order of Program

  • Deadline for Application is November 5 2021
  • THRIVE is looking for focused, well-rounded companies with great teams, disruptive ideas, and the ability to execute. We will identify approximately 30 companies from our global applicant pool to pitch to our team and corporate partners. A total of eight companies will then be selected to participate in our THRIVE Accelerator Cohort. Team, technology, traction, and total addressable market are key criteria for selection.

Program and Venues

  • The program begins in March and culminates in June at Demo Day at the Forbes AgTech Summit.
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