Win a Prize of USD 5,000 for Students around the World in the CoreNet Global Academic Challenge 2021/2022

Register to participate in the CoreNet Global Academic Challenge 2021/2022, for an opportunity to win a cash prize of $5,000 alongside other benefits.

Application Deadline: 22nd September 2021


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  • Non-Member finalists and their faculty advisors will be given complimentary membership in CoreNet Global.
  • The winning team will be awarded US$5,000.


  • The competition is open to students of all disciplines pursuing a Bachelors or Masters degree at a recognized degree-awarding institution, such as a University, Grande École, College, or Fachhochschule, hereafter referred to as “University,” on a full-time or part-time basis. Each student must be currently enrolled in classes at their host university throughout the competition, and not have more than 7 years prior professional experience.
  • Employees of CoreNet Global and their family members are not allowed to enter the competition. 
  • The competition is open to teams of two (2) to four (4) students; team members may be from different academic programs within one institution, and/or teams may be comprised of students from more than one institution.
  • Ideally, each team should comprise a diverse range of students from different disciplines, such as (and not limited to) architecture, business, construction, engineering, facilities management, finance, interior design, and international business. Interdisciplinary teams may have an advantage when it comes to addressing this challenge.
  • Each team must have a faculty advisor from their home institution, and their contact information must be included on the team’s registration form. In addition, each team must appoint a Team Leader. The Team Leader will be the main contact point for CoreNet Global, and emails sent to the email address provided by the Team Leader will be considered delivered. 

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Application Instructions

Register here

Once registration is completed, a registration confirmation email will be sent to the Team’s Primary Contact. Incomplete registrations may be discarded. There is no fee to register, and teams may only register once.

About the World in the CoreNet Global Academic Challenge

The goal of this global competition is to raise awareness of corporate real estate as a viable career opportunity amongst college students of all academic disciplines, to connect local chapters and members of the association with future talent, and encourage more universities to include corporate real estate in their curricula. 

A Student Competition

Student teams from universities and academic institutions around the world are invited to compete in an academic challenge wherein students are asked to play the role of an internal corporate real estate team in order to address a real-world issue facing companies around the globe: Your team is charged to develop an Environmental, Social, and Governance strategy for the corporate real estate portfolio that addresses: post-pandemic health and safety concerns and employee well-being; the corporate commitment to being a better steward of the environment; and diversity, equity, and inclusion (“DE&I”).

How can corporate real estate professionals take a leadership role in helping their companies develop an agile ESG strategy that permits the board and management to shift back and forth among short-, medium-, and long-term issues as the changing business environment may require? What will be the lasting impact of the COVID-19 lockdown and the resulting health and safety protocols and practices on the environment and climate change? How will the company turn the conversation about DE&I into measurable actions?

Three teams, with a minimum of two (2) and a maximum of four (4) students each, will be selected to compete in the final round. Interested students will be required to submit a registration form, respond to several questions, and create a compelling presentation as discussed in the Competition Brief.

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Key Dates and Order of Program

Registration opens and competition materials released – June 2021

  • Application deadline – 22 September 2021
  • Challenge competitors announced – 8 October 2021
  • Presentations due: 7 November, 23:59 (AOE time zone)

Any additional materials to be shown to the judges (including, but not limited to: handouts, posters, etc.) MUST BE INCLUDED with the presentation when submitted; any new material presented without first being submitted may subject the team to penalty and will be excluded.

  • Final Round Presentations (virtual) – 9 November 2021, 9:00 – 10:40 (PST time zone)
  • Winner will be announced during the North American Global Summit Awards Presentation & Recognition Dinner – 9 November 2021 by 20:00.

A jury of corporate real estate professionals will select the teams to compete in the final round.


Submissions will be judged on the following:

  • Innovation & Creativity (40 points)

Does the submission present evidence of innovation, creativity, and/or initiative? Was data used effectively to support the recommendations? Is the solution presented clear, logically tight, and well-supported? Is there evidence that the team incorporated feedback gleaned from interactions with Summit attendees?

  • Applicability & Feasibility (30 points)

Does the response presented appear reasonable and appropriate given typical business time and resource constraints? How did the team deal with new and/or ambiguous information? Was the strategy presented creative and actionable?

  •  Value Creation (20 points)

Does the submission add value to the organization, its mission and/or enhance shareholder value? Does the methodology safeguard business continuity risks and address the potential underlying cultural diversity of the business leaders?

  •  Quality & Clarity of Presentation (10 points)

Was the submission polished, professional, and delivered in a confident and convincing manner?

Program and Venues

The three (3) highest-ranking submissions will advance to the Final Round; please note that teams will NOT be required to present during Round One.

Finalists will be notified on or before 8 October 2021. Teams selected as Finalists must inform the Challenge by email to no later than 12 October 2021 if they do not wish to participate in the Final Round in November 2021. This will allow the Challenge to notify the next highest-ranking team.

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