Fully Funded Trips to Morocco and Switzerland for the Swiss Africa Business and Innovation Initiative (Startups and Entrepreneurs)


Attend this fully-funded startup entrepreneurship training and business development in Marrakech, Morocco, and Switzerland in the last quarter of 2020.

If SARECO selects you, you’ll get fully-fund your travels and stay in Morocco and Switzerland for a total of seven days.

Read on for eligibility, benefits, and how to make sure they select you.

Application Deadline: June 28, 2020

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Where Should I Send Your Daily Opportunities?


Here’s what you get to enjoy from this program

  • All expenses-paid (flights, transport and accommodation expenses on-site in Switzerland and Morocco)
  • Networking opportunities to meet successful and inspiring entrepreneurs from countries across Africa
  • Receive business guidance and mentoring from already successful and experienced Swiss and African entrepreneurs
  • Get idea validation with potential investors, other entrepreneurs, and future customers
  • Help pioneer the entrepreneur community in Sub-saharan Africa


You’re eligible to apply for this opportunity if you meet these criteria:

  • You have an African-based startup or project
  • The project or research must be based on technology that’s developed at a local university or research institution
  • Open to graduate students in Africa
  • Focuses on these sectors: mobile health, pharmacometrics, innovative financing and digital humanities

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Application Instructions

See this opportunity’s terms and conditions here before applying.

Go ahead and apply for this opportunity here.

About the Swiss Africa Business and Innovation Initiative

Lecture section at The Swiss Africa Business and Innovation Initiative (Startups and Entrepreneurs)

The Swiss Africa Business and Innovation Initiative (SABII) is a project of the Swiss-African Research Cooperation (SARECO).

The program aims to further startup entrepreneurship for Swiss and African startups. Following an intensive process, SABII selects business founders of science-based projects who have prior experiences in entrepreneurial pursuits.

A prior experience here means any of these:

  1. Participant’s own company incorporation,
  2. Relevant MOOC certificates,
  3. Course attendance certificates at Higher Education Institutions or
  4. Proof of business coaching through agencies

These founders partake in an advanced workshop that holds in a key innovation hub in Africa, like Nairobi, Marrakesh, Addis Ababa, and the like.

During the event, these entrepreneurs get business mentoring and an invitation to pitch their ideas to a Swiss-African jury.

After the event in Africa, the heads of the most promising and innovative projects get an invitation to Switzerland for a week’s stay.

In Switzerland, invitees would meet with Swiss business peers and gain an understanding of the startup ecosystem there.

Key Dates and Order of Program

Deadline for applications: June 28th, 2020
Selection of participants: July 20th, 2020
Advanced entrepreneurs workshop in Marrakesh:
October 14th – 16th, 2020
Business development boot camp in Switzerland
November 30th to December 3rd

  • Day 1: Learn to deliver a unique customer value, master a convincing pitch and define a striking business plan
  • Day 2: Shape a winning team and secure funding for growth
  • Day 3:Individual coaching sessions, followed by presentation to an African – Swiss jury and selection of eight candidates for a 4-days action packed entrepreneurial development week in Switzerland.

Networking and Partnership Opportunities

SABII offers participants networking, funding, business, and partnership opportunities with prestigious organizations across the globe.

They enlist organizations like Impact Hub Africa that’s focused on fostering social innovation through their community, consultancy, and creative space. They aim to bring society and innovation together by using entrepreneurship to create collaborative impacts.

SABII is in partnership with AfriLab. In 2019, SABII participants joined in AfriLabs’ Annual Gathering which held from October 28 to 30 that year in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Participants of this program also gain exposure to venture capital funding from Africa and overseas. Seedsrtars is partnering with SABII.

Seedstars funds and accelerates the most promising startups from emerging markets. This funding body connects talented entrepreneurs with investors and mentors.

Africa's innoation labs

Image Credit: Briter Bridges Innovation Maps

Other partners of the SABII, like 

  • Disrupt Africa
  • Funds for NGOs
  • TIA South Africa
  • African Leadership University
  • Strathmore University Business School
  • EU-Africa Start-Up Fair
  • EU-Africa Business Forum
  • Empretec UNCTAD
  • Briter Bridges Innovation Maps
  • Cartier Women’s Initiative
  • Pupella Innovation Space

Provide resources, research, media exposure, business forums, training, and guidance to entrepreneurs.

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