Are you one of the most ambitious and innovative leaders in your country? Do you want to learn more about sustainable business practices? Do you want to contribute to sustainable development in your country?

Then sign up for the Swedish Institute Management Programme (SIMP) where you would learn how to transform sustainability into a competitive advantage.

Application Deadline: march 31st 2021


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  • In-depth knowledge and skills about sustainable business practices. 
  • Capacity and knowledge to lead change and promote sustainable business practices in your own organisation. 
  • Insight into the potential of disruptive technology and innovative design to drive business sustainability. 
  • Customised expert coaching based on your and your organisation’s needs. 
  • Access to relevant representatives from the public and private sector in your region and in Sweden to exchange views, knowledge and experiences.  
  • A unique opportunity of close collaboration and exchange with colleagues at your own level from several other countries, developing strong, long-lasting professional networks.  
  • Access to the global Swedish Institute alumni network.


General criteria that apply to all applicants:

  • You must be a citizen and resident of China, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand or Vietnam.
  • You have an entrepreneurial mindset and a track record of making things happen.
  • You are willing to support and share your experience and knowledge with other participants.
  • You have a proficient command of written and spoken English.
  • No age restriction.

Specific criteria for participants from businesses:

You are a:

– CEO or top manager of a small or medium–sized enterprise, or

– A manager of a significant and distinct department of a large enterprise, with its own profit responsibility.

You are highly motivated to run your business in a sustainable way, as well as to promote sustainable business practices in your country. 

You are willing and capable to drive the implementation of the sustainability strategy throughout the business.

Specific criteria for participants from organisations:

You and your organisation have a mandate to develop and promote sustainable business practices in your country – through incentives, support and advice.

You are a high–level manager at:

– A national governmental organisation.

– Authorities and semi-government organisations and institutions.

– Relevant civil society organisations, such as NGOs, business associations, and community-  based organisations.

You are willing and capable to act as a changemaker, both in your own organisation and at a national level.

Free Worksheet and Checklist

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Application Instructions

Apply by filling the application form online. This takes about 60 minutes or less. Have the following document ready before filling the application as the session has no saving possibility.

  •  passport size photograph of yourself
  • Nomination letter from your organization or business recommending you represent the business/organisation and participate in the SIMP Asia and
  • CV needed (when filling out application form)
  • For any issues regarding the application you can reach out to Anna.SundlofEriksson@business-sweden.se and by clearly mentioning in the communication which country you are applying from for the programme.

All applications should be submitted through the online application portal, we do not accept applications sent to us via email.

About theSwedish Institute Management Programme (SIMP)

The international leadership programme Swedish Institute Management Programme (SIMP) offers you proven tools and knowledge from experts to put sustainability at the heart of your strategy and take your leadership to the next level. The programme is based on Sweden’s prominent position in innovation and sustainable business – and its connection to the global economy. 

To create more impact, SIMP promotes extensive exchange and learning between participants, and facilitates relationship-building and co-creation between businesses and sector organisations in your country.

A core fundament in the programme is for every participant to develop and implement an action-oriented sustainability strategy. The sustainability strategy should be an integral part of your overall business strategy.

Key Dates and Order of Program

The programme runs online between May – November 2021 with a follow–up session in February 2022.

Deadline for application is March 31st 2021

Around 30–45 participants will be selected to the programme.

The larger part of the program would take place online.

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