Funded Ireland Masters Study for Nigerians in the Roger Casement Fellowship in Human Rights 2021/2022

Apply for the Rogers Casement Fellowship in Human Rights for a chance to be the sole recipient of a master’s study degree in human rights in Ireland.

The selected student will receive complete financial support for the one-year full-time postgraduate education in Ireland. 

Application Deadline: 13 September 2020


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Here’s what you get to enjoy from the program if you are selected: 

  • Full tuition will be covered by the program 
  • Return flight fare
  • Funds to cover accommodation and necessary expenses
  • Medical insurance
  • Necessary arrival arrangements such as medical examination and visa.


To qualify for the program, the applicant must:

  • Be a citizen of Nigeria 
  • Be currently residing in Nigeria
  • Hold the necessary academic qualifications to be accepted for a master’s level course of study in Human Rights
  • Have at least two years work experience
  • Be capable of displaying an unfailing commitment to the development of Nigeria
  • Be available to commence the fellowship for the academic year 2021/22
  • Satisfy any related requirements of the Nigerian Government
  • Be able to show proficiency in academic English by achieving a satisfactory score on a recognised test (e.g. IELTS 6.5)


  • Applicants for the program must be interested in pursuing Masters programs at Irish higher education institutes in the areas of Law, Human Rights and Governance.
  • Applicants must have achieved the necessary educational standard to be accepted onto a Masters course in a Higher Education Institute in Ireland. 
  • Applicants that already hold a master’s qualification are not eligible to apply.
  • Applicants who have previously applied for the Roger Casement Fellowship on two or more occasions without being awarded a fellowship cannot apply anymore. 

It will be considered if the applicant withdrew from the process previously due to exceptional or unforeseen circumstances.

  • Applicants that currently work, or anticipate that they will work in the future, at the Irish Aid embassies or headquarters may not apply. 

Past employees of the embassies/missions in the past must allow a full year before becoming eligible to apply for a fellowship.

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Application Instructions

To apply for the fellowship, 

About the Rogers Casement Fellowship in Human Rights

The Roger Casement fellowship was established to commemorate the Irish human rights activist Roger Casement who spent some of his early working life in Calabar, Nigeria. He was an early advocate for human rights while in Nigeria, and, famously, during his later work in the Congo, the Amazon and in Ireland.

Set off his humanitarian legacy, the program is committed to supporting one Nigerian student to study a master’s degree in human rights in Ireland.

The Fellowship Program provides talented candidates with the opportunity to pursue advanced education and professional development in Ireland in order to contribute to the future development of Nigeria.

The program is administered by the Irish Aid.

Discover more opportunities from Government of Ireland.

Key Dates and Order of Program

Applications for the academic year 2021/22 will close by the deadline of 13th September, 2020.

All submissions will be reviewed in three stages:

  • Stage 1- Preliminary Application
  • Stage 2- Detailed Application
  • Stage 3 – Interviews

Applicants shortlisted after the interview stage will be required to take another English language test, usually the IELTS exam, unless they are already in possession of an IELTS certificate that is dated 2019 or later which shows the applicant has achieved the necessary score for the course they intend to apply to. 

The Masters study program will take place full-time at an higher education institute in Ireland for a year.

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