If you want to pursue your postdoctoral degree in Rhodes University,  the University Council is offering you an opportunity to study in Rhodes University for free. 

The University Council has established several Rhodes University Postdoctoral Fellowships across all faculties for people interested in getting a postdoctoral degree.

Application Deadline: July 31, 2021


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Each successful applicant gets a package of R180 000 per annum with an additional allocation of a maximum of R20 000 to be used to support the presentation of papers at formal conferences.

N.B: The Fellowship cannot be held concurrently with any supplementary funding.


Potential Fellows must: 

  • Hold a doctoral degree, awarded within the last five years, preferably from an institution other than Rhodes University.
  • Be of exceptional merit as evidenced by the quality of publications relevant to the Fellow’s discipline.

N.B: Any applicant who has not completed his/her PhD at the time the Fellowship is offered must have submitted the PhD thesis by the end of 2020.

Also, the applicant’s supervisor needs to send a written assurance (that there is a reasonable expectation that the doctoral degree will be awarded) to the Research Office.


Requirements/Specifications/Terms and Conditions

  • The University expects that all creative works, publications, and other academic products of the Fellowship will bear appropriate acknowledgment with full affiliation to Rhodes University.
  • The University reserves the right to co-ownership of inventions and/or patents directly emanating from research conducted under the sponsorship of the Fellowship. 
  • The University reserves the right to request the refund of any fellowship paid to the Fellow should the Fellow terminate his/her contract prior to Its completion.

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Application Instructions

Applications for the Fellowships should be made through the potential host department and directed to the Research Office (research admin@ru.ac.za) 

Download the application form here.

About the Rhodes University Postdoctoral Research Fellowships

The Fellowships are intended to foster existing research and scholarly or creative activities within Rhodes University departments and institutes. Ideally, a Fellow’s proposed work will closely complement existing programs in the host department.

Key Dates and Order of Program

The closing date of the application is  31 July 2021.

The Fellowship will be awarded strictly on merit.

The determination of awards will be made by a committee comprising the Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Research and Development (Chair), the Director: Research Office and Faculty Deans.

The Postdoctoral program takes place at Rhodes University, South Africa.

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