Win up to $10,000 Cash Prize for Africans in the PhotoAfrica Multicultural Photo Contest 2020

Join this online multicultural Photo Contest for Africans to be part of a team that showcases self-identity, glamour, style, and your magic.

Diverse unique values will be portrayed with photography to promote multiculturalism.

Participants will be celebrated, their works promoted, and the winners will receive a cash prize of $10,000 each.

Application Deadline: October 23, 2020.


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Here are the benefits of participating in the photo contest:

  • The top 3 most voted pictures will be awarded final cash prize respectively
  • The 20 highest voted pictures will be awarded as Pan African ambassadors.


The contest is open to individuals from 18 years and above who 

  • Will showcase objectification of beauty, racial identities, and culture across Africa.
  • Are citizens of African countries.


  • During picture submission, all participants must give credit to their photographer.
  • Each picture must display racial identity and its magic either by individual unique identity or cultural identity.
  • Submitted pictures must be individual pictures displaying (Number 4). 

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Application Instructions

Picture submission should be made through the Photo Africa portal.

About the PhotoAfrica Multicultural Photo Contest

PhotoAfrica is an online multicultural Photo Contest focused on supporting strong, committed young Africans dedicated to representing their community as custodians and repositories of their people’s collective ideology.

In its inclusive policy, PhotoAfrica sets a presidium as the first Photo Contest which has not been made for only professionals or the virtuosos in the fashion and modeling industry.

It welcomes all participants without any limitations and restrictions such as objectification of beauty to racial identities and standards and in its bid to restore the fluidity in the appreciation of culture and self-identity.

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Key Dates and Order of Program

The deadline for submission of all pictures is the 23rd of October. 

Selections will be made on a merit basis of creativity without any bias. 

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