Present your ground-breaking scientific research that can deliver transformational impacts within global agriculture for this agro-innovation contest to win a great prize. 

The program will award prize funding to successful research that provides transformational ideas in development and implementation of  global agriculture.

Application Deadline: 11th January 2021


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For winners of the prize, Olam International, in partnership with Agropolis Fondation, will award a USD$75,000 grant to support development and implementation.


Applications can be submitted by the following group:

  • Academic or research institutions. 
  • Civil societies and the private sector. 
  • The research can focus on any region, environment, crop or part of the agricultural supply chain.

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Application Instructions

To apply for the prize, 

  • Click here for more details. 
  • Click here  to apply. 

About the Olam Prize for Innovation in Food Security

Olam International is a leading food and agri-business supplying food, ingredients, feed and fibre to users worldwide.

The Olam Prize for Innovation in Food Security recognizes and supports transformational research in global agriculture. 

In this fourth edition of the biennial Prize, Olam International, in partnership with Agropolis Fondation requires clear evidence of potential short-term impact on food availability, affordability, adequacy, and accessibility. 

Following the recent warning from the UN World Food Program that the COVID-19 pandemic will double the number of people suffering acute hunger by the end of 2020, bringing food security firmly into the world’s spotlight is a top priority of Olam International.

 The scientific work supported by the Foundation covers all aspects of the plant – from its genes to its environments to its final uses – and concerns temperate, Mediterranean and tropical climates.

Key Dates and Order of Program

The deadline for application submissions is 23:59 CET (France) 11th January 2021

Applications received before 30 November 2020 will be considered for publicity opportunities on Olam’s corporate channels.

The 2021 Prize will be judged by an independent jury of experts and awarded in conjunction with the Agropolis Louis Malassis International Scientific Prizes for Agriculture and Food and SHIFT Prize by Biovision Foundation.

Networking and Partnership Opportunities

The prize is organized by Olam International in collaboration with Agropolis Fondation. 

The Agropolis Fondation is a foundation for scientific cooperation which aims to promote and support high-level research and higher education (training-through-research) as well as to broaden international research partnerships in agricultural sciences and sustainable development research.

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