Get up to $5,000 Contemporary Art Grant for Artists in the Arab World in the Mophradat Grants for Artists 2020

Take your art to the next level and apply for the Mophradat Grants for Artists 2020 for a chance to be awarded funding to grow your artistic practices.

Open to all artists-individuals, collaborators, or art groups- especially those who are creating new forms of art, the Mophradat Artists grant can be used to research, organize events, produce new work, publish a work, travel, participate in artistic residencies, or in workshops, to set up an exhibition, or make a performance presentation, and more, with the cost of these projects covered in full or partially.

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Application Deadline: Biannually on April 1 and October 1


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Recipients of the Mophradat Grants for Artists 2020 will be awarded:

  • Up to $5,000
  • Access to a platform of other gifted artistes which could result in collaborating to create more genius work, and more opportunities 
  • Support from the Mophradat team


In addition to satisfying the general eligibility criteria that can be read here, please note the following criteria for grant qualification:

  • Applicants must work in the field of contemporary arts (all specializations are welcome). Considering the value of the grants awarded, requests to produce long-acting films are not considered 
  • Applicants must be/be from/reside in the Arab world and their work should be related to the Arab world
  • Applicants must be concerned with mainly technical concerns aimed at raising the technical level

Requirements/Terms and Conditions

  • The proposed project must be completed within 12 months of the grant submission deadline
  • Projects or activities can be carried out anywhere in the world. However, their works/arts must be related to the Arab world
  • The grant award is an art-focused scheme, and as such admission to academic programs for academic degrees will not be considered 
  • Applications for production of feature films will not be considered 
  • The scheme does not support applications to cover the costs and fees of artists invited to run a workshop, administer, or curate projects in Europe or North America that fall under categories of (temporary) employment in those contexts, and should be covered by those hosts’ institutional budgets
  • By applying for a grant, applicants agree that if they are selected, they will complete the proposed project.

Failure to complete the project within the agreed time may result in recipients being asked to partially or fully reimburse Mophradat.

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Application Instructions

Applicants who satisfy all criteria for the Mophradat Grants for Artists 2020 can apply by following the instructions in the foregoing:

  • Applications can only be submitted in English or Arabic.
  • Applicants are required to complete and submit all requested documents with their completed application form
  • Incomplete applications will not be accepted, with or without supporting materials.
    • Applications cannot be saved online, its recommended that you work offline and paste your answers into the form. 
    • After the online form has been submitted, you will receive a confirmation email.
    • Click here to apply via the online form

About the Mophradat Grants for Artists

Originally founded as the Young Arab Theatre Fund (YATF), the first regional arts funding organization, Mophradat is an international not for profit modern art association that supports contemporary artists from the Arab World through an innovative approach to funding, commissioning, collaborating, and gathering.

In acknowledgment of the Arab world as loosely-defined geography characterized by people of diverse ethnicities, gender identities, religions, ideologies, and languages, the works of art created through the Mophradat program, contributes to diversifying the artistic and intellectual capability of the Arab World. 

The Mophradat grants support between 15 and 30 artists each calendar year to develop their practice. 

The program is specially focused on creatives inventing innovative forms of creating and sharing art knowledge with others, and for those aiming to question the current arts making paradigm.

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Key Dates and Order of Program

The deadline for receiving applications is twice a year, on April 1 and October 1. 

Results are announced 4 weeks after the deadline

Applicants are evaluated and selected by an external advisory committee once the application is confirmed to be fulfilling the program’s general and specific eligibility criteria. 

The advisors’ names are published after grant recipients are announced.

All applicants, whether selected or not, receive a response to their applications one month after the application deadline. If selected, a grant agreement will be signed between the recipient and Mophradat.

Funds will be released in a two-stage process: 80% when the grant agreement is signed and the remaining 20% on project completion.

A narrative summary of what was achieved, and a financial report must be submitted before the end date of the grant agreement and before the last installment is paid.

Due to the high volume of applications and the confidentiality of the selection process, Mophradat does not provide individual feedback explaining the reason an application was not selected.

Networking and Partnership Opportunities

Mophradat is supported by international partners who share similar goals of advancing and promoting contemporary arts and culture. 

They include:


  • Institutional Supporters 


    • Ford Foundation
    • FeBI
    • FfAI
    • The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts


  • Supporters of the Current Project


      • Between Bridges     
      • Flemish_government    
      • Goethe institut      
      • Norwegian Ministry 
      • Open Society Foundations        
    • Partners 
      • Alkantara
      • Ancienne Belgique     
      • Artist Space     
      • Beursschouwburg    
      • BUDA 
      • Capacete
      • CCA 
      • CiC            
      • Contour         
      • deappel  
      • EMS     
      • FICA    
      • Hammer     
      • HKW    
      • KFDA
      • Kunstwerke    
      • MDT         
      • MOCA    
      • Next Festival EU     
      • OFF     
      • SALT 
      • Showroom    
      • Spielart
      • SoC


  • Art Lives Partners


    • Action for Hope
    • Ettijahat
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