Submit your artistic creations/productions as a group for the MASA 2022 for a chance to attend the Market for Áfrican Performing Arts festival set to take place in Ivory Coast by 2022.

Members of selected groups will travel to and from Abidjan from the same city. 

Application Deadline: July 31st, 2021.


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Selected artistes will be invited to participate in the MASA Festival, a cultural development program for African performing arts.


Application for the program is open to Artistic groups in

  • Circus
  • Storytelling
  • Dance
  • Humor
  • Music
  • Slam
  • Theatre, and the like. 

To be eligible for consideration, creations to be submitted must meet the following conditions:

  • A show less than three (3) years old.
  • The size of the group, including the management team and the manager, must not exceed:
    • 1 person for street art;
    • 3 people for humor;
    • 3 people for the slam;
    • 3 people for the story;
    • 8 people for contemporary dance (for the solo: 3 people);
    • 8 people for the music;
    • 10 people for the circus and the puppet;
    • 10 people for the theater;
    • 15 people for the heritage dance.


  • The sets and accessories must not be heavy or bulky and must be transportable on scheduled flights.
  • Members of the same group will travel to and from Abidjan from the same city. 

This must be specified in the application form.

  • All documents submitted will remain the property of MASA, which pledges not to use them for commercial purposes.
  • MASA reserves the right to propose other technical provisions.
  • There will be no call for applications for the MASA Festival.

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Application Instructions

To apply, submit an application file for the official selection of MASA 2022 that includes:

  • A letter of application addressed to the General Management of MASA;
  • Three (3) high definition (HD) group scene photos;
  • A video recording of the show. Teasers and video clips are not accepted;
  • A list of creations and broadcasts of the last three (3) years or a press-book;
  • A distribution sheet indicating:
    • an email address and a telephone number of the group referent;
    • the group’s departure city (NB: only one departure and return city for the whole group without exception);
    • the list of names of the persons composing the group with the mention of the date of birth and the function in the group;
    • the names and surnames of the stage manager or manager for music, of the administrator for other disciplines;
    • the names and surnames of the author, director or choreographer.
  • A presentation of the show specifying:
    • the date of creation;
    • the theme and the process;
    • the summary of the story staged for storytelling, humor, dance and theater;
    • song lyrics for music and slam.
  • The technical sheet indicating:
    • the desired scene dimensions;
    • the lighting and sound needs of the show and the necessary technical staff;
    • the duration of the assembly and disassembly of the show;
    • the weight and volume of the sets and accessories.
  • Submit your application via any of the means below:
    • The application form on the MASA website OR
    • Forwarded by offline post to the address 

Direction Générale du MASA, Plateau, 

Rue Toussaint Louverture 09 BP 2877 

Abidjan 09 – Ivory Coast, before the deadline. 

The postmark will be taken as proof of date of submission.

  • Click here to download the call for application.

About the Market for Áfrican Performing Arts (MASA)

TheMarket for Áfrican Performing Arts (MASA) is a cultural development program for African performing arts. 

Its objective is to support the creation and production of quality shows. 

The program also seeks to support the facilitation of the movement of creators and their production in Africa and in the world. 

It’s committed to the training of artists and operators of the production chain, shows and the development of the performing arts sector (Music, Theater, Dance) within the African continent.

Key Dates and Order of Program

All submissions must be made by the deadline of July 31st, 2021. 

The list of groups selected for the official selection will be published no later than October 05, 2021.

From March 5th to 12th, 2022, the 12th edition of the Abidjan Performing Arts Market (MASA) will be held in Abidjan .

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