Get up to €3,800 for Journalists from the Nordic or the Baltic Countries in the IJP German-Northern European Journalists’ Bursary Program 2020 (Age 18-45)

Join this year’s edition of the IJP German-Northern European Journalists’ Bursary Program aimed at Journalists from the Nordic or the Baltic Countries to gain firsthand experience and professional insight of the political landscape, the economy, and of the everyday life in the host country. 

Journalists who join the German-Northern European Scholarship will not only develop their portfolio, but will also receive funding to aid the process. 

Application Deadline: November 15th, 2020.


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Each journalist selected for the program  will receive 

  • A one-time payment of €3,800 Euro to cover travel expenses, accommodation and basic necessities during the stay in Germany. 
  • Access to personally experience everything the host country has to offer alongside other like-minded scholars. 
  • An opportunity to work for a media outlet in the host country from April to May 2021.


Application for the program is open to Journalists-

  • From the Nordic countries
    • Denmark
    • Iceland
    • Finland
    • Norway
    • Sweden 

The Baltic Countries 

    • Estonia
    • Latvia
    • Lithuania


    • Germany. 
  • Aged between 18 and 45
  • Working for any print, radio or TV media (employed or freelancer). 
  • With workable knowledge of the German language and English language.


  • Extra costs incurred should be paid by each scholar. 
  • Payment for the work in Germany is up to the individual media and should not be expected from the organizers. 

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Application Instructions

To apply for the IJP German-Northern European Journalists’ Bursary Program, 

  • In a compilation, submit a complete application comprising of 
    • Your up to date CV, including your photograph
    • A letter of recommendation from an editor, supporting the application
    • 4 written samples of your work (TV and radio journalists should send a comprehensive list of contributions)
    • Preferences of host media outlets and of host regions (i.e. Munich) in Germany.
  • Submit your application through any of the methods below:
    • Online: in one PDF document, send the digital application to:
    • Offline: In a single packet, send the hard copies of your application to: 

                 IJP e.V. 

               German-Northern European Program

               Vassilios Theodossiou. 

  • For any related questions, contact:
    • Germany and the Nordic countries

                           Vassilios Theodossiou

                         +49/30/345 00 402 


    • The Baltic countries:

                            Dr. Ulrich Brümmer

                            + 49 / 157 / 823 792 08


About the IJP German-Northern European Journalists' Bursary Program

Founded in 2000 as a German non-profit organization, the International Journalists’ Program (IJP) German-Northern European Journalists’ Bursary Program offers exchange programs for early and mid-career journalists from Germany and over 50 countries.

Scheduled for 2021, the program’s 22nd edition will host up to eleven German and eleven Nordic/Baltic Journalists in total. 

This program will aid participating scholars to experience their host countries from a correspondent’s perspective.

The program is funded by the Auswärtiges Amt (Foreign Office of the German Federal Government), by the foreign ministries of the Nordic countries and by a suite of private sponsors.

Discover more opportunities from the German Government.

Key Dates and Order of Program

Submission of applications will be available until the deadline of November 15th, 2020. 

For two months for individual participants, between April and May, the 2021 Bursary Program will commence at a media outlet in the host country. 

An Orientation meeting will take place between March 25th to 28th, 2021. 

A Final meeting will last from May 20th to 22nd, 2021. 

Successful applicants will be informed of their success by the selection committee. 

The host media will be selected by the IJP according to the interests and qualifications of the bursary recipients.

The scholarship program will start in March 2021 with a four-day introduction conference (25th to the 28th of March 2021) in one of the Nordic capitals or Berlin. 

Afterwards, the participating journalists will take up their internships at the host media. 

If essential, changes to the schedule can be discussed, due to individual needs. 

During a final meeting (May 2oth to 22nd, 2021) participants will deliver a three-page account of their experience and a clipping of newspaper articles and/or radio, television or online contributions. 

The reports and contributions will be part of the final documentation.

Networking and Partnership Opportunities

The IJP German-Northern European Journalists program is organized with support from:

  • Federal Foreign Ministry
  • Foreign Ministry of Iceland
  • Norwegisch-Deutsche Willy-Brandt-Stiftung
  • Foreign Ministry of Norway

 Partner Media in Northern Europe: 

  • Dagens Nyheter (Sweden)
  • Helsingin Sanomat (Finland)
  • Information (Denmark)
  • Morgunbladid (Iceland)
  • NRK (Norway)
  • RUV
  • Radio Sweden International (Sweden)
  • Sveriges Radio (Sweden)
  • TV 2 (Denmark).

And also partner media in Germany: 

  • Bayrischer Rundfunk
  • Die Welt
  • FAZ
  • Frankfurter Rundschau
  • Norddeutscher Rundfunk
  • Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg rbb
  • Süddeutsche Zeitung
  • Welt am Sonntag
  • ZDF.
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