Get $25,000 Grant for Threatened and Displaced Scholars in the IIE-SRF Fellowship Program 2020


Sign up to qualify for this the IIE-SRF Fellowship Program available for scholars to partner with other institutes of learning worldwide.

Qualified applicants can earn up to $25,000 by teaching higher institutions of academic learning anywhere in the world while safely keeping their work.

Most times, successful IIE-SRF applicants get to apply for a second and final year of fellowship aid.

Read on for eligibility, benefits, and how to make sure they select you.

Application Deadline: June 29, 2020

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Where Should I Send Your Daily Opportunities?


The perks of applying include:

  • 1-year teaching appointment in any safe location in the world
  • A fellowship grant of up to $25,000 (most times eligible for renewal for a second and final year);  
  • Health insurance for individual applicants 
  • Cost of the trip to the host institute is covered;  
  • Professional career advancement, networking and more;  
  • Means to promote one’s home country
  • Long-lasting support from IIE-SRF family


To qualify, Applicants:

  • Must hold a Ph.D. or highest degree in their field and have significant teaching experience at an institution of higher learning;
  • Must have a pre-existing record of published research;
  • Must demonstrate superior academic accomplishment or promise;
  • Must be subject of direct discrimination/threat in their line of work or lives in their home country;
  • Will be of optimum  service to host institutions 

Diversity in gender, ethnicity, race, the oppressed and underrepresented in their niche, and minority groups are fondly considered.

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Application Instructions

The required application materials include:

  1. Application coversheet
  2. Current CV or resume: Ensure your CV includes the following information:
    • Academic degrees (degree-granting institution, field, and date of degree award);
    • Current position (location, dates of employment, professional title, and responsibilities);
    • Previous academic positions (in chronological order, including location, dates of employment, professional title, and responsibilities);
    • A detailed list of your academic publications (journal articles, books, chapters, exhibitions, etc.) including full citations with the name of publication, authors, title of work, date of publication, and page numbers, if possible;
    • Other relevant academic work (including supervision of master’s and Ph.D. theses, conference presentations, grants/honors/awards, professional affiliations, etc.).
  3. Academic statement: Provide a thorough statement detailing your academic and professional background and experience, including a thorough description of your academic research interests.

Be sure to include a description of the activities that you have undertaken in your academic positions as well as an explanation of the activities (research, teaching, publishing, etc.) you would undertake during a fellowship. Your academic statement should be a minimum of one page.

  1. Personal statement: Provide a thorough statement explaining why you are applying to IIE-SRF for support. Include a clear and detailed account of the threats or risks that you have been facing and the reasons that you cannot continue your work in your home country at this time. Your personal statement should be a minimum of one page.
  2. Reference letters: IIE-SRF requires a minimum of three (3) reference letters that contain the elements listed below. In some cases, additional letters may be requested. Letters from colleagues both inside and outside of your home country are preferred. 

Please note that IIE-SRF requires original reference letters. Letters should not use identical text, and each referee should speak to his/her specific knowledge of your academic background and/or circumstances.

When possible, please have your referees compose their letters on official letterhead and send them to IIE-SRF directly at

    • Two (2) academic/professional letters of reference from academic or professional colleagues who can speak in detail to your research, publications, teaching, or other academic experience.

When appropriate, letters should describe your unique expertise and contributions to specific intellectual issues or questions.

    • Two (2) personal letters of reference from colleagues or other persons who are aware of your circumstances and can describe the threats that you have been facing.
  1. A copy of your Ph.D. or highest degree.
  2. Samples of your most current research publications.
  3. If you have already secured a commitment from a university or other institution to host your fellowship, please provide a letter from the host indicating their intent to host, if you are awarded. Please note that this is not a requirement.

TO APPLY:  Scholars can apply by sending the required application materials directly to In cases where a scholar is unable to submit the application, a third party may send the materials on their behalf.

About the IIE-SRF Fellowship

Since its founding in 1920, the Institute of International Education (IIE), an independent non-profit organization, has been a safety net for scholars worldwide who have suffered different forms of persecution and discrimination while doing their work.

IIE launched the Scholar Rescue Fund (IIE-SRF) in 2002, to distinctly mark off its initiative to safeguard the lives and voices of scholars. IIE-SRF has implemented special initiatives to respond to large-scale crises affecting national academies.

It provided aid to over 868 scholars from 60 countries in partnership with over 415 host institutions in 46 countries around the world.

Key Dates and Order of Program

Application deadline: June 29, 2020

Selection: September 2020

Applicants to the IIE-SRF Program undergo a thorough review of their application materials. This assessment looks at the applicant’s experience, the quality of their scholarly work, the nature of their threat, and the eminence of their need.

Accordingly, the reviewing body might contact applicants’ references, independent experts in the applicants’ field, and other sources. IIE-SRF may also contact an applicant for additional information.

However, this fellowship is competitive. Hence, it’s not able to admit all qualifying individuals into the program.

The IIE-SRF fellowship program has an additional funding opportunity. Applicants interested in the Baden-Württemberg Fund for Persecuted Scholars have the opportunity to apply for it while filling their IIE-SRF form.

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