Become an Empowered Internet Leader by Applying for the IGF Youth Ambassadors Program 2020 (Age 18-30)

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If you’re chosen, you receive training that helps you foster tools vital to your growth on the internet and beyond.

Application deadline: June 28, 2020


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If you’re selected as an IGF youth ambassador, you

  • Get to attend webinar series where you broaden your knowledge and get to present fresh ideas and innovations 
  • Get to attend the Internet Governance Forum virtually. You might also receive an invitation to attend the program in person if a real-time event is put together after the pandemic is over.
  • Become part of an internet governance community  
  • Receive training to improve your capacity in  public leadership discussions, 
  • Partner with a network of internet communities promoting youth citizenship, diplomacy and community service 
  • Become part of a team of next-generation leaders that addresses debates and discussions that affect the growth and advancement of the ecosystem 
  • Gain exposure to a network  of mutuals, authorities, experts in important fields and the internet society staff
  • Interact with, engage and receive coaching  from a wide array of internet experts.


Before you can apply, you must:

  • Be between 18-30 
  • Be a member of the Internet society. If you’re not, join here 
  • Be able to present a strong argument for internet governance
  • Be convenient with public speaking and avid communications 
  • Be able to demonstrate interest and a reasonable level of expertise in vital internet governance-related issues and the IGF agenda
  • Be willing to represent the IGF in a proper and suitable manner fit for an IGF ambassador 
  • Be capable of continuing a working relationship with the IGF after the forum 
  • Be capable of spending a minimum of 6 hours each week  during the e-learning phase
  • Be fluent in oral and literal English 
  • Be willing to participate in the webinar series and subsequent meetings
  • Must have never before been selected as an Internet society’s IGF ambassador

Free Worksheet and Checklist

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Application Instructions

There’s a 3 phase selection process

  • The online application
  • An online Internet Governance course: up to 150 applicants selected in the first phase will take an online course in Internet governance 
  • The Paper writing process: the best performing applicants selected after the course taken will be required to write a paper on an emerging or existing internet governance-related issue. The applicants with the best entries will be selected as IGF Youth Ambassadors.

TO APPLY: click here 

About the IGF Youth Ambassadors Program

Started in 2019, the IGF Youth Ambassadors program is the product of a combination of the IGF Ambassadors and Youth@IGF by the Internet Society. The program’s remarkable 2019 success brought about its renewal. 

The program provides opportunities to empower young adults and foster a cadre of world leaders with increased visibility who will deliver resonating impacts around the globe. The goal of the program is to build/deepen relationships and foster community around youth engagement.

Discover more opportunities from Internet Society.

Key Dates and Order of Program

The application deadline for the 2020 selection process ends on June 28, 2020.

  • The pre-selection criteria for applicants are quite relaxed. After applying, applicants are reviewed through a 3 phase selection process of an online application, taking a course, and writing a paper. Candidates who are selected as IGF Youth Ambassadors participate at Webinar Series led by global Internet Governance experts to deepen their knowledge, present their projects/ideas, and be prepared for the IGF. 

    Successful candidates go on to attend the Internet Governance Forum in 2020 remotely due to COVID-19. They might also have an opportunity to attend the IGF physically in 2021 if there is an in-person event.

    Selected IGF Youth Ambassadors will attend a virtual dynamic leadership session with Internet Society community members, youth representatives from other programs, Internet Society staff, and other IGF attendees.

The 2019 IGF Youth Ambassadors Project

For the past 28 years, the Internet Society has been home to a global community driven by a common idea: when people get access to the Internet, amazing things happen. They can share ideas, build communities, connect to education opportunities, improve health outcomes, and more.

The Internet Society worked around the world in 2019 to ensure the Internet can enrich people’s lives, and that it is a force for good in society.

In 2019, the Internet Society worked with a global community of partners and members to connect some of the most challenging places on Earth and to enhance trust in the transactions carried out online every day. Four projects that had a significant effect on the development of the Internet: community networks, Internet Exchange Points (IXPs), routing security, and encryption was carried out. 

Nearly 3.5 billion people remain offline. The Internet is under threat by governments around the world, who increasingly do not view it as a force for good. And online misinformation, election interference, and use of the Internet for criminal activity are contributing to declining trust in the Internet. The Internet Society worked towards bringing more people and communities online, improving their lives, contributing to improving the Internet for all users around the world. 

In 2019, the Internet Society expanded access to the Internet to some of the world’s hardest-to-reach places, made progress toward securing the Internet’s routing system, influenced governments around the world to protect end-to-end encryption, and grew local Internet infrastructure through IXPs, improving the Internet experience for many people and enhancing baseline connectivity.

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