Apply for the IF Social Impact Prize 2021 and be the lucky winner to claim a cash prize of 100,000 Euros, along with the opportunity of having your project reach the global design community.

You also get to have your project permanently published in the iF WOLRD DESIGN GUIDE.

Application Deadline: May 27,2021


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  • Your application is free of charge 
  • Your project will be permanently published in the iF WOLRD DESIGN GUIDE. 
  • Your project will be introduced to a global design community, media and the design-interested public. 
  • You can win a share of EUR 100,000 in prize money. 
  • You can update your project with latest videos, photos or news.


  • Companies, design studios, NGOs, foundations, public and other organizations, social enterprises   and entrepreneurs are welcome to submit application.
  • Applications with student concepts would not be considered.
  • Your project should already be established and you can apply with the same project a maximum of two times

Free Worksheet and Checklist

Here at Camberene, we go the extra mile to make sure you win. So we have designed a beautiful checklist to help you keep track of your progress and make sure you’re doing things correctly.

It’s 100% FREE

Hit the download button to get it in your inbox ASAP.

Application Instructions

There is no deadline for your publication and you can apply every day. However, up until 27th may, application would be free. 

About the IF Social Impact Prize

The iF SOCIAL IMPACT PRIZE aims to publish and support projects that contribute to our society. The prize categories correspond to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. We do not charge any fees. The best projects will be honored with a share prize money of EUR 100,000 in total in 2021.

Publish your project in the iF WORLD DESIGN GUIDE (for free) and you will automatically compete for the prize in 2021! In addition, your project will reach the global design community through various communication measures by iF.

Key Dates and Order of Program

The iF SOCIAL IMPACT PRIZE will be decided twice a year. 

  • Deadline for the first selection: 27 May 2021 
  • Deadline for the second selection:  18 November 2021

For the first time our newly developed scorecard will serve as the basis for the jury evaluation. The updated criteria will be used by the jurors to give scores to individual aspects of each project.

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