Are you a South African researcher with a Doctoral degree obtained within the last five years?

Then submit an application for the IBM research Africa Postdoctoral Fellowship 2021, and get a chance to contribute to research outputs and publications across the world, as well as global mentorship and networking opportunities.

Application Deadline: Not Specified


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  • The Structure of the Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • Successful candidates should expect to undertake postdoctoral research on a project that is defined by IBM Research which may therefore be different from their doctoral research.
  • Fellows will be supervised by researchers from the South African research lab, working alongside other expert IBMers from the network of IBM Research global labs.
  • The fellows will contribute to research outputs including proofs-of-concept, publications, patents, and public seminars (at least 2).
  • The fellows will collaborate extensively with teams from various IBM Research labs and contribute to cross-lab outputs and objectives.
  • As IBMers, the fellows will have access to IBM computing infrastructure, IT, and cloud services; and to a wide range of global mentorship and networking opportunities.


  • Be a South African natural.
  • Be a member of designated groups as defined in the Employment Equity Act: Black (African, Indian and Coloured).
  • Be unemployed for the duration of the fellowship.
  • Have completed a doctoral degree within the last (5) years in Computer Science and other fields with considerable computational modelling and programming focus, such as Computational Biology; Computer Science; Data Science; Electrical, Electronic or Computer Engineering; Computational Genomics; Industrial Engineering; Computational Physics; Computational Mathematics & Statistics, Health or Medical Informatics.
  • Have demonstrable research proficiency based on the scientific method, meaning they must have the ability to define research questions, formulate hypothesis, and develop innovative solutions using cutting edge technologies.

Preferred Technical and Professional Expertise

  • Be familiar with data science and machine learning methods, including their implementation. Experience with deep learning, signal and image processing, and computational mathematics will be advantageous.
  • Have considerable programming experience in languages such as C++, Python, Java, JavaScript, MATLAB, and R.

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Application Instructions

How to apply

IBM is an equal opportunity employer and encourages applications from both genders as well as minority groups.

Applicants are to submit their detailed Curriculum Vitae which includes a publication list with full references (i.e. authors, title, year, name of the journal/publisher, volume and page numbers). Conference proceedings, technical reports, patent should also be reported.

Applicants must attach proof of their Master and Doctoral qualifications to their application. For those who are still in the process of completing their doctoral degree, a letter of confirmation from their current institution, stating that their Doctoral qualification will be completed and submitted for examination by 31 July 2021 must be attached to the application.

Requested information that is not included at the time of submitting the application, will render the application incomplete resulting in a rejection without review.

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About the IBM Research Africa Post Doctoral Fellowship

IBM Research is one of the world’s largest and most influential corporate research labs, with an unmatched investment in research and core science, and a commitment to invent the future of technology by making scientific breakthroughs that will transform industry and society. We innovate and imagine the future and have a strong commitment to developing the next generation of top research talent. We host many scientists, visiting academics and students in the belief that it takes broad collaboration between the brightest minds to create innovations that make the world work better.

IBM Research Africa invites applications for postdoctoral positions to be held at the IBM Research Lab in South Africa, seeking outstanding candidates who obtained their doctoral degrees within the last five (5) years. Applicants who are currently finalizing their doctoral dissertations for examination may apply, provided that they will submit by 31 July 2021. The positions are tenable for eight months between May and December 2021.

Key Dates and Order of Program

Applicants should submit by 31 July 2021. The positions are tenable for eight months between May and December 2021.

Application deadline is not specified.

The post doctoral research program would be held at IBM Research Lab in South Africa.

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