Win up to $1 million in prizes for Developers in the Huawei HMS App Innovation Contest 2020

Bring your tech creativity to this contest and create innovative apps that provide smart life solutions to Huawei users, for a chance to win numerous prizes. 

In addition to monetary prizes, winners of the contest gain access to a platform that supports developers to develop and promote their apps.

See the full details of the contest below. 

Application Deadline: August 30, 2020


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Finalists in the contest will receive:

  • A cash prize of up to USD200,000 will be awarded to winners in each participating region:
    • US$15,000 each for 5 Best App
    • US$15,000 each for 3 Best Game
    • US$15,000 each for 3 Best Social Impact App
    • US$5,000 each for 1 Most Popular App
    • US$2,500 each for 12 Honorable Mention

Other perks of participating includes:

  • HUAWEI AppGallery promotional resources
  • Huawei cloud resources


The contest is open to 

  • Developers everywhere
  • Contestants who are 18 years of age or older 


Requirements for applying:

  • Applicants are required to register for a HUAWEI ID and complete identity verification before applying 
  • After l and being verified as a HUAWEI Developer member, developers can access full services in development, testing, promotion, and monetization
  • Individuals currently in the employment of Huawei, their affiliates and immediate relatives are not eligible for the contest
  • Huawei has the right to disqualify any contestant/work that violates stipulated rules
  • Applicants can apply as solo contestants or as a team.

As a team, all members must belong to the same competition region they intend to participate in.

Rules for applying and participating as a team:

    • Contestants on a team can only be on one team
    • A team can have 3 members max.
    • Each team is required to have a team leader, who is in charge of team management, such as adding or removing members, and submitting works.
    • A member can apply to join a team or leave a team.
    • The score for a submission to the contest by a team goes to the team. If a member departs the team, the score already obtained belongs to the team, and not the departing member.

Requirements for submissions:

Grounds for Disqualification 

You will be disqualified if found guilty of the foregoing:

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Application Instructions

To apply for the contest, 

  • You must read the terms and conditions of participating in the contest, and should only proceed if you are in agreement with the stipulations. 
  • Click here to register for HUAWEI ID if you don’t already have one and complete ID verification
  • Sign in to HUAWEI Developers with a valid HUAWEI ID  and click Sign up
    • If you are a team leader, click on New team and fill in the team information. 
    • If you are a team member joining a team, click Join us and enter the name of the team you wish to join.
  • Create your work and integrate HMS Core. For details about HMS Core, please refer to HMS Core
  • To submit final work, click Submit work on the contest details page, enter the app name, ID, and description, and upload the APK and app introduction document. 

About the Huawei HMS App Innovation Contest

HUAWEI Developer is a digital platform that uses a suite of services and resources for developers to develop and promote their apps to the largest audience possible.

The Huawei HMS App Innovation Contest is an initiative by Huawei Developers focused on providing exquisite experiences for product users.

The Contest is all about inspiring developers worldwide to incorporate HMS open capabilities to create apps to make life and tasks easier.

Discover more opportunities from Huawei Technologies.

Key Dates and Order of Program

The timeline for the contest:

  • Registration & submission:- June 30 – August 30 2020
  • Preliminary:- August 31 – September 20, 2020
  • Public review:- September 21 – October 4, 2020
  • Finals for each region:- October 2020

Submitted entries will be evaluated based on the following framework: 

  • Business value: Has substantial commercial potential, with sustainable business models that indicate clear market positioning and a target user base.
  • Design, technology, and user experience: Features a distinctive visual design that incorporates user-friendly characteristics, and meets universal user requirements for a stable, responsive, broadly compatible, and privacy-conducive app.
  • Innovativeness: Comes endowed with innovative design and/or technological attributes, which represent a clear improvement over those in existing apps.
  • Social value: Benefits society at large, by improving the allocation of public services, or addressing social problems. This can involve enriching the lives of individual users or facilitating industry-wide development, and span a wide range of fields, such as health care, education, transportation, the economy, and the environment.

Members of the judging panel: 

  • Renee Gittins: Executive Director International Game Developer Association
  • Jens Lauritzson: Flexion Games Board Mamber, CEO
  • Wendy Xiao Schadeck: Principal at Northzone
  • Johan Othelius: SQUID App CEO and Founder
  • María Benjumea: President at SpainStartup, Founder of South Summit
  • Dr Konrad Maj: SWPS University Head of the HumanTech Social and Technological Innovation Center
  • Michal Tajchert: Owner of Kanarek, 12 Hours
  • Dr. Jaime Gonzalo: Huawei Mobile Services Europe Vice President
  • Liang Yu: Huawei Europe Mobile Services Director of Developer Technical Support Engineering
  • Paul Bazin

The contest starts with registration & submission

Right after the deadline, the preliminary takes off where the judges will assess submissions and shortlist 20 works from each region for the public review and final stages.

Afterward, the public review, selected works will be exhibited for global promotion, on both the contest official website as well as HUAWEI AppGallery. A work’s public rating score is based on its popularity (the number of downloads and votes received).

Lastly, the Finals. Each region will hold a separate final in October. The judges will rank the 20 shortlisted works according to a comprehensive scoring formula, in which the judging panel and public rating scores are added.

Competition regions: The contest will hold in Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, Latin America, and China.

Networking and Partnership Opportunities

The Huawei HMS App Up Contest offers contestants networking and opportunities that will go a long way after the contest. 

The competition is supported by 

  • CSDN 
  • Beluga Global 
  • MobTech
  • Techbook 
  • Startup Thailand
  • Innovopod
  • Middle East Venture Partners
  • Gaming lab 
  • Easypaisa 
  • Zain 
  • Zinc, 

to mention a few. 

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