Win a grant of €1 million and a fully funded trip to Stockholm Sweden in the H & M Foundation Global Change Award 2021 (18 years and above)

Are you an innovator or entrepreneur, interested in creating innovative ideas for Global change?

Then apply to participate in the H&M Foundation Global Change Award 2021 for an opportunity to win a grant of €1 million and a fully funded trip to Stockholm Sweden.

Application Deadline: October 15 2021


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  • The winners share a 1 million euro grant and participate in a one-year tailor-made Innovation Accelerator Program, provided by the H&M Foundation, in partnership with Accenture and KTH Royal Institute of Technology.
  • The teams receive individual coaching and support from our partners and are connected with the industry and important stakeholders. The Accelerator Program is designed to support the winners to scale their innovations and bring them the market as quickly as possible, to maximize their impact on the industry. Once the year is up, the winners join our alumni network, where the coaching and networking continues. Our previous winners have shown impressive results, far beyond anyone’s expectations. 


  • We look for innovators and entrepreneurs all over the world to submit their ideas.
  • Any fashion designer interested in protecting the climate.

Who can apply?

Innovation knows no national borders and we believe these early stage ideas can rest in anyone’s head anywhere on the planet, so in an effort to reach as many great minds as possible the challenge is open to 

  • Any individual and groups of up to 4 people over 18 years of age anywhere in the world. It is also open for institutions, organizations and social business.
  • Please note that your entry must be in English and that all communication including the Innovation Accelerator Program will be in English.


Who can not apply?

Global Change Award is not open for solely commercial entities.

  • To keep the integrity of the competition, employees of H&M Group or any entities owned in full or in part by H&M Group, H&M Foundation, Accenture and KTH Innovation including hired consultants can’t apply.
  • We are looking for new and early stage ideas so you can’t apply with an already proven and existing innovation.

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Application Instructions

  • H&M Foundation and H&M Group will not take any shareholder equity or intellectual property rights in the innovations. The aim is to find innovations that allow major change for the entire industry, and the winners can collaborate with whomever they want.

Early Bird

Applicants who send their application to the Global Change Award early, compete for an additional chance to win access to the Innovation Accelerator Program.

Anyone who applies within the first half of the application period will automatically have the chance of winning the Early Bird.

The Early Bird winner will be invited to join the five winners of the Global Change Award in one of the trips that is part of the one-year Innovation Accelerator Program. The trip offers exclusive industry insights, as well as opportunities to network and learn more about circularity and the fashion value chain.

Applying as an Early Bird does not affect your chances of winning the Global Change Award. The winner of the Early Bird winner is not required to travel to the ceremony in Stockholm.

About the H & M Foundation Global Change Award

Global Change Award

The H&M Foundation is an independent non-profit global foundation headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Privately funded by the Stefan Persson family, founders and main owners of the H&M Group, it was founded to fast-track the realisation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030. To improve lives for everyone everywhere, the H&M Foundation uses collaboration and innovation to co-create, fund and share solutions for the world’s most urgent challenges. To help safeguard the welfare of humanity, we’re catalysing the fashion industry to become planet positive and accelerate development for inclusive societies.

The aim of the Global Change Award is to find and support game-changing innovations that can break the linear traditions of fashion and completely change the way garments are designed, produced, shipped, bought, used and recycled.

We are already using resources equivalent to 1.75 planets a year. The world population is expected to increase by 32% to 10 billion people by 2050. However, the global fashion consumption is expected to increase by 202% during the same time. It’s clear a shift is needed to create a planet positive and regenerative fashion industry. We need to wear our clothes for a longer period and reuse our resources more efficiently in a closed loop.

Key Dates and Order of Program

  • Deadline for application is October 15 2021.
  • Next round opens August 2021

Since 2015, we have been pushing the fashion industry to reinvent itself to become circular. Now, circularity is in most large companies’ strategies. But circularity is not the silver bullet that will erase our footprints on the planet. It is time for us to raise the bar. In August 2021 we will open the Global Change Award for new applications with a new scope to ramp up our impact on the industry and beyond.

  • Application

August – October 2019

Apply here

  • Screening

October 2019 – January 2020

Applications are screened and five winners selected.

  • Announcement

April 2020

The winners are revealed.

  • Innovation Accelerator

April 2020 – April 2021

The five winners embark on a one-year long Innovation Accelerator Program.

  • The five most promising innovations are selected by a panel of international experts and embark on a one year-long Accelerator Program.

The evaluation of our winners has been based on the following criteria:

the Entry’s potential to make fashion circular and thereby protect the planet and lead to improved living conditions for people;

  • impact and scalability
  • is it economically sustainable
  • is it novel
  • how well suited is the team to make it happen
  • would winning the grant make a difference
  • Project Specifics

Program Period: 2015 — 2030

Focus Areas: Accelerating Innovation

Partners: Accenture and KTH Innovation

Past Winners

  • Incredible cotton
    • Awarded: €300,000
    • Year: 2020
    • Company: GALY : Making silk-like fabric from old oranges


  • Orange Fiber won the first Global Change Award winner in 2016 with their innovation of creating textiles out of by-products from citrus juice production. Since then, the have made collections with for example Italian luxury brand Salvatore Ferragamo and H&M. Here, co-founder Enrica Arena shares the story behind the company and about winning Global Change Award.
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