Get Up to €10,000 non-equity funding for Justice Startups in the HiiL’s Innovating Justice Challenge 2020


Apply now to join the Innovating Justice Challenge 2020 if you are a change-making startup contributing transformative inputs into the justice sector, fighting inequality and discrimination. 

A 4-month program, The HiiL’s Justice Accelerator Program seeks to work with facilitators to actualize feasible solutions to urgent justice challenges. Identify where you want your justice enterprise to be and the program helps get you there faster. 

In essence, apply for the challenge and if you win, you get to take your initiative to the next level and grow into an impactful business, work closely with the HiiL team, receive funding of up to €10,000,  training, and resources for development. 

Application Deadline: August 5, 2020

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Where Should I Send Your Daily Opportunities?


Beneficiaries of the HiiL’s Justice Accelerator program receive:

  • Non-equity funding of €10,000
  • Tutoring, coaching, and mentorship
  • Admission into an interconnected system of like-minded justice institutions, and key players in the initiative
  • Access to possible investment opportunities
  • An increase in connections and networks at an international level 


Application for HiiL’s Innovating Justice Challenge is open to Justice startups:

  • From:
    • East Africa
    • West Africa
    • Southern Africa
    • The Middle East and North Africa (MENA)
    • Ukraine
  • With objectives, activities, services, and merchandises committed to the  prevention and resolution of justice problems
  • With a track record of creating change and impact.
  • With an ardent business model and the possibility of financial independence
  • With a drive for success and growth, and plans to break grounds in different operations
  • Headed by experienced and exemplary founder(s).

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Application Instructions

Click here to start your journey on transforming the justice sector.

About the HiiL’s Innovating Justice Challenge

Established in 2005, The Hague Institute for Innovation of Law(HiiL) is a social initiative committed to delivering justice. It’s a justice-centered enterprise focused on promoting accessible, sustainable, and effective justice for all. 

Located in The Hague, City of Peace and Justice, HiiL is a non-profit social enterprise focused solely on justice and SDGs.

An annual 4-month program, the HiiL’s Innovating Justice Challenge is a unique opportunity set up to accelerate startups that show strong impact range, have a strong team, and can level up to impact thousands and millions of people. 

The challenge caters to justice startups with activities and services committed to the prevention and resolution of justice needs such as helping people get access to legal services, working on removing barriers for people to access financial services, or getting a registered identity, preventing (digital) fraud, tracking crime, and the like.

The program has regional posts in East Africa, West Africa, Southern Africa, MENA, and Ukraine. 

Over 110 justice startups globally have been supported by the program since 2011.

Key Dates and Order of Program

The deadline for submission of applications is August 5, 2020

  • In September 2020 
    • Selections will entail: 
      • Interviews
      • Boot Camp 
      • Pitch event 
      • 30-40 candidates will be shortlisted from the 500+ people who applied in June-August, 
  • October 2020-February 2021
    • 10-15 people will be announced as winners and inducted into the Accelerator Program 

Review and selection of candidates for the accelerator program in the Innovation Justice Challenge are based on the demand for innovative entrepreneurs that focus on:

  • preventing or resolving pressing justice problems
  • being people and user-centered, rather than system-centered.
  • reaching millions of people

Selected applicants will get a chance to appear at the program physically at the Innovating Justice Forum in 2021.

The 2019/2020 Innovating Justice Challenge

At the last Innovating Justice Forum held in The Hague, Bankly was chosen as the winner by judges Jackie Nagtegaal (Law for All), Duncan Onyango (KIFFWA), and Linda Bonyo (Lawyers Hub Kenya).

Bankly is a Nigerian savings and cash digitization platform that allows its customers to save up for emergencies through an agent network while protecting them from fraud and theft.

Past Winning Startups in the HiiL’s Innovating Justice Challenge


  • rAInbow: South Africa / Domestic abuse


rAInbow is a digital companion designed to reach millions affected by abusive and controlling relationships. It helps users identify signs of abuse and offers support in a non-judgmental way.


  • CrimeSync: Sierra Leone / Crime


CrimeSync made an all-in-one digital crime records management application that has been launched across Sierra Leone’s prison system. It serves to improve the efficiency and transparency of the justice system.


  • For the children’s sake: South Africa / Family court mediation


For the children’s sake offers families embroiled in litigation, free mediation services at court, to resolve their dispute in the best interests of the children.


  • Schoeman Law Inc: South Africa / Legal document automation


Schoeman Law Inc: Using document automation technology presented as a web-based application, entrepreneurs can build their own agreements in just a few minutes at less than 10% of the usual cost. 


  • Africlaim: Nigeria / Airline compensation


Africlaim specializes in securing financial and non-financial compensation for African airline passengers involved in flight disruptions including cancellations, delays, and overbooking


  • The Flemer Project: Nigeria / Pre-trial detainee representation


The Flemer Project helps pre-trial detainees, especially those charged with minor offenses, conclude their matters in court as quickly as possible with the aid of young volunteer lawyers, and manages the volunteer and representation process with tech


  • Vesicash: Nigeria / E-commerce escrow system


Vesicash is an escrow platform that prevents disputes and uses its digital dispute resolution mechanism to resolve digital transaction disputes in less than 72hrs. 


  • FIDA: Uganda / Legal information


FIDA is a tablet and mobile-based service that provides electronic legal service information and advice to the vulnerable and indigent people in Uganda. It is a one-stop center for all legal information relating to land, family,gender-based violence, among others.

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