Get up to US$50,000 for Human Rights Workers in the Gwangju Prize for Human Rights 2021

Nominate individuals and organizations actively working for and involved in the restoration of justice and human rights in your country for the 2021 Gwangju Prize for Human Rights to grant them the recognition they deserve. 

Following this Call for Nominations, selected individuals and institutions will be awarded the ‘Gwangju Prize for Human Rights’  that is composed of a monetary award and public recognition. 

Also, there’s an additional award (SPGPHR) for an individual or an organization that has contributed to the promotion of democracy and human rights through cultural activities, journalism, and in academic fields.

Application Deadline: September 30, 2020.


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The following Prizes will be awarded to winning nominees:

  • The Gwangju Prize for Human Rights (GPHR) accompanied by a cash award of USD50,000.  
  • The Special Prize of the GPHR (SPGPHR) accompanied by a cash award of USD10,000.


Nominations for the GPHR can be submitted and will only be considered if submitted by any individual or organization in any of the following categories:

  • Individuals or organizations who won the May 18 Citizens Award and/or YunSang-won Award 
  • Laureates of Gwangju Prize for Human Rights  
  • Organizations in Korea or overseas working for human rights, peace, and the reunification of Korea that have been active three years or more and that the May 18 Memorial Foundation Directorate decides to request their nomination 
  • Any individual or organization in Korea or abroad that shares the objectives of the Gwangju Prize for Human Rights. 


  • Only candidates nominated by a qualified individual or a qualified organization will be considered for the award. 
  • Self-nominations will not be considered.

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Application Instructions

To apply for the Gwangju Prize for Human Rights 2021, 

  • Download and fill the Nomination Form
  • Send the completed nomination form and the following documents via Email to
    • Two ID Photos (attach them to the designated spots)
    • Other materials that can substantiate activities and eligibility for the award 
  • A confirmation email for the receipt and validity of the submitted nomination will be sent to the nominator upon completion of the submission.  

About the Gwangju Prize for Human Rights 2021

Since 2000, the Gwangju Prize for Human Rights (GPHR) was launched to advance the May 18 Democratization Movement, in which the people of Gwangju fought against brutal military forces for democracy and human rights in 1980. 

Through the Gwangju Prize for Human Rights Prize, the May 18 Memorial Foundation acknowledges, celebrates and honors the exceptional efforts of individuals and organizations fighting for the restoration of justice and human rights in their individual countries. 

The Prize is awarded to individuals, groups and institutions in Korea and abroad that have contributed in promoting human rights, democracy and peace in their work. 

With an aim to immortalize kindness in the human heart, these prizes are awarded by the citizens of Gwangju in gratitude and solidarity to those who have helped them in their struggle for democratization and their search for truth.

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Key Dates and Order of Program

All applications with relevant documents must be sent by the deadline of 30th September, 2020.


All entries will be reviewed and selections made by the May 18 Memorial Foundation. 

The selection committee is composed of seven members chosen by the May 18 Memorial Foundation’s Articles of Association. The selection process will be tailored by the Articles of Association.

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