Win up to $25,000 in prizes for Young Professionals in the Goodwall ‘Better Together’ Program 2020

Join this global online program that offers you a gateway to new opportunities, both educational and professional through five weeks of inspiring themed challenges and top speakers.

Participants in the program will receive a digital certificate of participation while winners will receive awards, scholarships, prizes, and more.

Application Deadline: September 30, 2020.


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Here are the benefits offered by the program.

  • Winners will be awarded up to $25,000 in prizes:
    • $5,000 in HUS. Awards 
    • $10,000 in Goodwall Awards
    • $10,000 in ISDC Awards
  • Charitable donations, wellbeing subscriptions, and International event tickets such as:
    • Masterclass Pass
    • Headspace Annual
    • Kairos Summit Tickets
    • Pearson Award
  • Access to weekly live sessions with CEOs, mentors and role models.
  • Access to connect and network with intellectual like-minded young people from over 150 countries. 
  • Provision of a digital certificate endorsed by top universities and employers that can be included in your CV
  • Opportunity to connect with and receive funding from various incubators, accelerators, and investors
  • Potential educational opportunities and scholarships at educational programs hosted by leading partners
  • Potential opportunities for internships and jobs. 


The program is open to everyone from around the world. 


  • Participants can get involved at any point during the program and choose the challenges they feel most suited for. 
  • In order to get the most benefit and qualify for a digital certificate,  participating in the full program from the start is recommended. 
  • Participation in the BetterTogether program is free and inclusive for all. 

Free Worksheet and Checklist

Here at Camberene, we go the extra mile to make sure you win. So we have designed a beautiful checklist to help you keep track of your progress and make sure you’re doing things correctly.

It’s 100% FREE

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Application Instructions

To get involved in the BetterTogether program, download the Goodwall app

  • For iOS 
  • For Android
  • Share your response to a challenge in a 60-second video or photo posted on your Goodwall profile, tagging the corresponding challenge hashtag. 
  • Send an email to for enquiries and questions. 

About the Goodwall ‘Better Together’ Program

Launched in 2014, Goodwall is a global community that provides young people with the gateway to connect and discover professional opportunities from scholarships to jobs. 

The program aims to help Gen Z build a profile and network with like-minded people who they can share ideas with, showcase achievements and gain support, in order to reach their full potential and positively impact society.

In partnership with leading organizations in response to the COVID-19 economic crisis, the Better Together program offers access to new opportunities to relieve people of the feeling of being stressed, lost and disappointed by the lack of prospects right now. 

Discover more opportunities from Goodwall.

Key Dates and Order of Program

The deadline for the program is 30th of  September 2020.

See full details on the Program Calendar here

The winners of each challenge will be selected based on the highest number of likes. 

Participants can invite friends to join and like their videos. 

The final three winners of the final ‘Pitch Your Project’ will be selected by the Goodwall grand jury.

After completing five challenges, participants will automatically receive a notification on the app with a personal link to claim their digital certificates.

Winners will be contacted by the Goodwall Community Manager to coordinate the delivery of  prizes.

There are a total of 10 challenges, which will run twice weekly.

These challenges cover topics such as personal development, sustainability, equality, justice, women empowerment and entrepreneurship.

There will be weekly exclusive live session. 

Networking and Partnership Opportunities

The 2020 BetterTogether program was organized by Goodwall in partnership with over 30 organizations, including these top Sponsors & Partners:

  • Pearson
  • YMCA
  • Monster
  • YMCA
  • Monster
  • Youth 2030
  • African Union
  • Softgarden
  • OYW
  • Terrace Metrics
  • ISDC
  • Oikos
  • HUS
  • Converge
  • Al Nayazak
  • FIBA
  • Kairos
  • Student Energy
  • Hatch CoLab
  • Ashoka
  • Ecosia
  • Global Shapers
  • monster
  • walden university
  • The Partners

The full list of partners can be found here.

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