Get Excellence Awards for Outstanding GEO Members in the GEO Individual Excellence Awards 2020

Nominate someone you are inspired by or/and know, who is doing exceptional work to improve our planet through Earth observations (EO), for the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) 2020 Individual Excellence Awards for a chance to get them the recognition they deserve.

This annual awards program celebrates remarkable individuals in the GEO constellation who have used innovative and progressive approaches to promote a diverse and inclusive GEO.

Selected nominees are awarded certification for their accomplishments. 

Application Deadline: August 31, 2020


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There are up to 3 Individual Excellence Awards to be awarded to winning nominees in the 2020 GEO Individual Excellence Awards. 

Beneficiaries of the award also receive:

  • Visibility and acknowledgment during annual GEO Week
  • Certificate of Recognition
  • Featured Profile on GEO website and social media platforms


Nominees must satisfy the following criteria in order to be considered:

  • The achievements they’re being nominated for must have been carried out at any time since 2015.
  • Achievements must be reflected by a solid and significant impact in the past five (5) years, such as: 
    • A new sustained community organized
    • Social and economic benefits to citizens and countries
    • Impact on policies through EO-related discussions; 
    • Specific EO language taken up and sustained in new fora
    • Efforts that have resulted in increased involvement in EO-related initiatives with specific attention to diverse representation including youth, gender and geographic inclusion
    • Progress by a community/Flagship/Initiative to develop new products or policy-relevant research.
  • Displayed novelty in style or approach to tackling challenges.
  • Nominee’s efforts are consistent with GEO’s core values and principles.

Requirements/Specifications for Nominations

  • Anyone in the GEO community can nominate individuals for the awards.
  • Members of the Award Committee cannot submit nominations or act as co-sponsors.
  • Individuals currently involved in the GEO Work Program activity, or past contributors who do not have any other conflict of interest may be nominated.
  • Awards Committee, GEO Secretariat, GEO Executive Committee members, Program and Board members cannot be nominated
  • Individuals are eligible to win an award in a selected category once every 3 years.
  • Nominations for GEO awards are not automatically renewed for the subsequent year. Nominees who do not get selected can be re-nominated in the next year.
  • Nominations inclusive of diverse gender, geographical and cultural representation for the Individual Excellence Awards are encouraged.

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Application Instructions

Below are guidelines for submitting nominations:

  • The nomination must feature a max. 2-page written account explaining reasons for which the nominee should receive the award, the importance of the nominee’s effort described in terms of impact observed, and a brief CV of the nominated person. 
  • The nomination should address as many selection criteria as possible.
  • The main sponsor of the nomination must secure support from at least two additional co-sponsors. 
  • Download and fill in nomination details using a nomination form.
  • Finally, forward

About the GEO Individual Excellence Awards

The Group on Earth Observations (GEO) is an intergovernmental parastatal that’s responsible for the availability, access and use of Earth observations for a sustainable planet.

It is a unique worldwide network connecting government institutions, academic and research institutions, data providers, businesses, engineers, and experts to create innovative solutions to global challenges at a time of exponential data growth, human development and climate change that transcend national and disciplinary boundaries.

GEO is a partnership of more than 100 national governments and in excess of 100 Participating Organizations that envisions a future where decisions and actions for the benefit of humankind are informed by coordinated, comprehensive and sustained Earth observations.

Launched last year by the GEO Programme Board, the GEO Individual Excellence Awards annual award is presented to exemplary and inspiring individuals in the GEO community who have demonstrated exceptional personal commitment to the GEO mission and vision.

Spanning across 3 categories, the 2020 edition of the award aims to celebrate remarkable individuals whose work(s) have made an impact to improve our planet through Earth observations (EO).

Some examples of these exceptional accomplishments could include: being instrumental in generating energy within a community that has led to significant progress or achievements; using creative and innovative approaches to achieve collaboration; overcoming administrative, political, institutional or structural barriers to advance the goals of a community; engaging or mentoring youth; advancing a diverse and inclusive GEO.

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Key Dates and Order of Program

All nominations with required attachments  should be forwarded by August 31, 2020.

Selected finalists will be notified by October 2020

Nomination entries will be reviewed by a board of trustees on the Award Committee. 

Regional and gender balance among awardees will be a criteria for assessment.

Sponsors may be contacted by the Awards Committee during the review process to seek clarification and other supporting information relevant to the nomination.

Depending on the current pandemic, the Award Ceremony may be held virtually

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