Fully-funded Trip to Munich and Cash Prizes for Weather/Climate Researchers in the Allianz Climate Risk Research Award 2020

Apply for the Allianz Climate Risk Research Award 2020 open to researchers whose work contributes to the growth of knowledge and understanding of climate change-related issues and stand a chance to receive a fully funded support for your scientific research.  

Submit your application and you could be one of 4 finalists who will receive a cash prize and will be invited on a funded trip to the Allianz Award ceremony at Allianz Headquarters in Munich.  

Application Deadline: August 31, 2020


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4 finalists in the Allianz Climate Risk Research Award will receive:

  • Cash award:
    • €7,000 First finalist
    • €5,000 Second finalist
    • €3,000 Third finalist
    • €2,000 Fourth finalist
  • An all funded trip to Munich
  • An opportunity to present their findings and participate in an interactive discussion with renowned experts from both within and outside academia
  • Visibility for their projects on the Allianz official website 
  • Exclusive insights into the insurance industry’s work on climate change and extreme weather events
  • Participation in a discussion round with the Award’s jury, and other guests from Allianz Group and academia.


The Award is open to: 

  • Higher institution students presently in a Ph.D. degree program or a post-doc 
  • Recent Ph.D. or post-doc graduates with graduation/defense of final research to obtain title not more than 2 years before the time of the application. 
  • Individuals with research relevant to the theme and goals of the Award.

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Application Instructions

To apply, 

  • The documents requested below should be attached to the completed application form:
    • 2-page non-technical essay based on their research
    • A recommendation letter from the candidate’s academic mentor 
    • Filled and signed declaration form
  • To apply, please click here

About Allianz Climate Risk Research Award

Allianz for Life is a global initiative that features local stories on how the collective actions of humans around the world can support in times of crisis – from small acts to big initiatives.

 One of such support is the Allianz Climate Risk Research Award. The Award caters to researchers whose research focuses on reducing the risk of extreme weather events that are heightened by climate change. 

It focuses on and supports researches that promote resilience by applying novel technological solutions. 

The Award is a response to the need for promoting research that combines technological innovation with one of the most pressing issues facing humankind, climate, and coping with it. 

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Key Dates and Order of Program

The Deadline for submission of applications is 31st August 2020

The 4 finalists will be announced on the 2nd of October 2020 

The award event  will take place between 27-28 October 2020

A jury of experts, selected from industry and academic, will review and assess applications. 

They will make selections based on the following criteria:

  • Innovation: Research  project is focused on a compelling approach for assessing risks of natural catastrophes and how new technologies can help mitigate these risks and foster resilient societies
  • Impact: Research project can make a difference in the current insurance practice and/or advance current practices around  societal resilience
  • Applicability: Research project addresses a relevant problem and is ideally connected to a practical solution
  • Academic excellence: Sound research approach and methodology

The members of the jury are a group of high profile experts and representatives from Allianz Reinsurance, Allianz,  academics with extensive knowledge and experience.

There would be an in-person event at the Allianz Headquarter, in Munich, Germany for the Award event.

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