Are you a South African citizen or permanent resident with a doctoral degree or equivalent professional/terminal degree in your field? 

Then you should apply for the Fulbright South African Research Scholar Program 2022-2023.

This program is an opportunity for South African university faculty or research institute professionals to conduct research in their field of expertise at an academic or research institution in the United States for a period of three to nine months starting no earlier than August 2022 and no later than March 2023.

Application Deadline: May 14, 2021


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Successful scholars get:

  • Monthly stipend based on the cost of living at the research site.
  • Monthly dependent allowance for accompanying dependents.
  • Round trip airfare for the grantee.
  • Round trip airfare for one dependent accompanying the grantee for a minimum period of 80% on an eight to nine month grant.
  • Excess baggage allowance for return travel.
  • Professional allowance for books, conferences, and seminars.
  • Settling-in allowance.
  • Primary medical insurance coverage for the grantee.


The opportunity is open to :

  • South African citizens or permanent residents (minimum of 5 years of permanent resident status required)
  • Scholars in all disciplines and without regard to gender or age

Requirements/Specifications/Terms and Conditions

  • Proposals for clinical medical research involving patient contact cannot be approved under the Fulbright Program.
  • Applications for doctoral dissertation research, post doctoral research Immediately following the completion of a doctorate degree, or general professional travel, are ineligible.
  • Preference will be given to candidates who have not previously received a Fulbright Scholar Grant.
  • Preference will be given to candidates who have had no experience or only limited experience in the U.S.
  • Applicants must have a doctoral degree or equivalent professional/terminal degree in their field. 
  • Applicants may be affiliated with local universities, research institutes, or other institutions that have educational and/or research objectives.
  • Applicants must have sufficient proficiency in the English language to carry out the project required. TOEFL exams are not required. English Language Proficiency may be tested by Fulbright Offices.
  • Scholars must be in good health. Successful candidates will be asked to submit a Medical History and Examination Report.
  • Scholars who were unsuccessful in previous competitions may re-apply. Repeat applicants should revise their proposals, update curriculum vitae, and obtain current letters of reference.

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Application Instructions

Required documents:

  • A well written research proposal with well explained methodology that can be understood by a general reviewing committee as well.
  • Three confidential letters of reference. These letters must be uploaded by your referees through the online application system. 
  • A Letter of Invitation from a U.S. host institution is strongly encouraged but not required.

All required documents should be submitted through the online application system here.

About the Fulbright South African Research Scholar Program

This research grant enables the scholar to perform high-level research at a U.S. educational institution, aimed at strengthening academic programs or curricula at his/her home institution. Applicants need to have a proven track record of productive scholarly research, and publications.

Key Dates and Order of Program

The deadline for application is May 14, 2021.

 The research starts no earlier than August 2022 and  ends no later than March 2023.

The research takes place at a U.S. educational institution

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