Get up to $50,000 USD per year in the Schlumberger Foundation Faculty for the Future Fellowships 2022/2023

Are you a female citizen of a developing country preparing for a PhD degree or post-doctoral research in a STEM discipline?

Then apply for the Schlumberger Foundation Faculty for the Future Fellowships 2022/2023 for a chance to get a grant of up to $50,000 per year for your studies till the completion of your degree.

Application Deadline: November 5 2021.


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  • Faculty for the future grants are based on actual costs for eligible expenses up to a maximum of $50,000 USD per year for a PhD and maximum of $40,000 per year for a postdoc and may be renewed through to completion of studies. Renewal grants are subject to renewal, recommendations from supervisors and strong evidence of reintegration plans in the home country.


To be eligible to apply for this Fellowship applicants must meet the following criteria:


  • are a female and are a citizen of a developing country or emerging economy where women are underrepresented in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines*. You are not eligible to apply if you hold dual citizenship of which one is citizenship of a developed country. (N.B. If you have been awarded a Faculty for the Future grant and after the award you obtain citizenship of a developed country, the grant will be discontinued as of the date of such additional citizenship);
  • are preparing for a PhD degree or post-doctoral research in a STEM discipline. The Faculty for the Future program does not fund Master level studies; – are enrolled, admitted or have applied to a host university/research institute abroad (applications are no longer accepted where a candidate has not yet applied to a university). If you are applying for a sandwich course the final degree must be awarded by the Host University abroad or jointly (i.e., but not solely from the home country university);
  • hold an excellent academic record; are willing to go back to your home country or region upon completion of your studies to contribute to its socio-economic development; – have a proven record of teaching experience in your home country and can demonstrate your commitment to going back home to: i) an academic or research position in a STEM faculty; ii) and/or to using your knowledge to become a STEM entrepreneur to help resolve regional challenges in your local community/region; iii) and/or to demonstrating leadership by contributing to the public sector using your scientific skills to help provide evidence-based support for STEM policy making, including topics of gender representation; Schlumberger-Private – can demonstrate leadership skills, active community outreach and have a track record in encouraging girls and women into STEM. If you do not meet the above criteria, please do not apply for a grant, as your application will not be retained in the selection process.

NOTE: Faculty for the Future focuses on developing and emerging countries where women are underrepresented in STEM disciplines. Qualifying a country as advanced, developing or emerging, is a complex and often controversial topic. Faculty for the Future does not draw on one single source or list but constitutes its eligible country list from a number of sources which allows incorporation of development status with regard to science, gender and education for example. The most significant sources drawn upon are the UN Human Development Index (HDI), the UN Gender Inequality Index (GII), the UNESCO institute of Statistics (UIS), Female and Education Ratio (FER) including indicators of female participation in STEM in tertiary education and the UIS STEM enrolment in Tertiary Education. The Faculty for the Future country list is reviewed every year and as levels of development fluctuate, a country may be on the list one year and not on the list the following year, and vice versa.


Important: If you are a Faculty for the Future Fellow who is in transition from a PhD to Post-doctoral research, please make sure you go through the New Grant application channel, and not the Renewal Grant application channel.

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Application Instructions

Apply online by visiting the Applications website

About the Schlumberger Foundation Faculty for the Future Fellowships

The program’s long-term goal is to accelerate gender equality in STEM by generating conditions that result in more women pursuing scientific careers through alleviating some of the barriers they encounter when enrolling in STEM disciplines. The program is committed to gender parity in science in the interests of sustainable development and recognizes that full access to and participation in a STEM curriculum is essential for the empowerment of women and girls. By accelerating gender equality in STEM, the talent and capacities of these women can be developed for the benefit of their local communities, regions and nations.

The program awards fellowships for advanced research in STEM at leading research institutes abroad. Faculty for the Future Fellows are expected to return to their home countries upon completion of their studies to contribute to the economic, social and technological advancement of their home regions by strengthening the STEM teaching and research faculties of their home institutions as well as through their leadership in science-based entrepreneurship. They are also expected to contribute to the public sector where their newly acquired technical and scientific skills can help provide evidence-based support for STEM policy making, including topics of gender representation.

This program acts as a catalyst for these women to further tap into their potential. Through heightened motivation, sharpened self-awareness and a lasting passion for science they in turn capture the imagination of other women and girls around them to regard scientific pursuits as a necessary means towards advancement and growth.

Since its launch in 2004, 770 women from 84 countries have received Faculty for the Future fellowships for PhD and Post-Doctorate STEM research programs. Through interactive online tools and in-person meetings, the program provides a platform for these women to take joint action in identifying and unravelling the impediments that are holding back equal opportunities in STEM education and careers in their local communities and home countries.

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Key Dates and Order of Program

Deadline for applications: June 28th, 2020
Selection of participants: July 20th, 2020
Advanced entrepreneurs workshop in Marrakesh:
October 14th – 16th, 2020
Business development boot camp in Switzerland
November 30th to December 3rd

  • Day 1: Learn to deliver a unique customer value, master a convincing pitch and define a striking business plan
  • Day 2: Shape a winning team and secure funding for growth
  • Day 3:Individual coaching sessions, followed by presentation to an African – Swiss jury and selection of eight candidates for a 4-days action packed entrepreneurial development week in Switzerland.

Networking and Partnership Opportunities

SABII offers participants networking, funding, business, and partnership opportunities with prestigious organizations across the globe.

They enlist organizations like Impact Hub Africa that’s focused on fostering social innovation through their community, consultancy, and creative space. They aim to bring society and innovation together by using entrepreneurship to create collaborative impacts.

SABII is in partnership with AfriLab. In 2019, SABII participants joined in AfriLabs’ Annual Gathering which held from October 28 to 30 that year in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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