Win Cash Prizes for Master’s Students in the Food Factory-4-Us Sustainable Supply Chain International Student Competition 2020

For Master’s students enrolled in food study programs passionate about proposing solutions for valorizing food biodiversity in their countries, this International Students Competition will provide a platform for solution-oriented proposals to be promoted and rewarded. 

Participants will be engaged in an innovative environment based on action-oriented learning to develop projects focused on contributing to innovation in sustainable food systems. 

Winning ideas will be awarded numerous prizes and certificates.

Application Deadline: September 30, 2020.


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Here are the reasons for which you should participate:

  • Participants will work to resolve actual food industry-based problems in sustainability and therefore improve specific knowledge and competences.
  • Participants will improve group cooperation skills and awareness of teamwork’s importance and benefits in a competitive environment.
  • Project evaluation will be real as carried out by the food industry and food associations.
  • Participants will be involved in an action-oriented, first-hand learning experience in which knowledge will be mutually shared and skills improved in a digital environment.
  • Students accepted by the faculty mentor can earn university credit for their participation in the Competition.

Additional prizes and certificates that will be awarded to the Winning Team of the FoodFactory-4-Us Edition 2020 on Valorizing Food Biodiversity include:

  • An award of €300 for the best project, sponsored by the ISEKI-Food Association.
  • Free registration to the ISEKI-Food 2021 conference and oral presentation in the session on Biodiversity scheduled for June 2021 in Larnaca (CY), for 3 members of the winning team
  • Invitation to the NextFOOD Project Meeting, scheduled for spring 2021 in Bari (IT), where the winning team will give their winning presentation to project partners and other invited stakeholders. 

The program will cover 

    • Economy Airfare within Europe
    • 2 nights accommodation
    • Project dinner
  • Each team member of the competition will receive a Certificate of Participation in the Competition.


To qualify for participation in the FoodFactory-4-Us: Valorizing Biodiversity competition, applicants must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Be student teams from around the world
  • Teams must comprise of 3-to-5 Master’s (or academic equivalent) students registered in any food-related program anywhere in the world.


  • Project proposals will be evaluated based on relating the title and problem/solution to the main topic of the competition. Submissions with content not relevant to the main competition argument will not be accepted.
  • Teams must be made of at least 3 to a maximum of 5 Master’s students and one faculty mentor with students enrolled in a food-related study program.
  • All team members and the faculty mentor should be indicated on the registration form.
  • All personal data collected will be processed to manage the competition, grade and contact the participants, award the prizes, and provide the participants with relevant information. 
  • Personal data provided when registering will be retained by the ISEKI Food-Association for five years, starting from the day on which the personal data were submitted.
  • In this edition of the Competition Game, teams and projects must be focused on strategies and actions aimed to improve Valorizing Food Biodiversity in individual countries. Examples include:
    • Project proposals dealing with formulation changes
    • Innovative production, processing or packaging
    • Eco-preservation
    • Innovations in distribution and logistics
  • Shortlisted teams will work independently on the development of a solution to their problem.
  • The project does not require practical work in a lab and should instead be focused on finding the best solution to meet food company expectations in terms of health and safety risks, improvement of economic value, quality enhancement of the products, sustainability, etc.
  • Teams will submit a report of maximum of 4 pages (including references) and a ppt presentation of maximum of 20 slides. These should be submitted by 31 January 2021 by email to

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Application Instructions

Application is free of charge and should be voluntarily. 

To apply, each  team of 3-5 Master’s students with a faculty mentor should follow the steps below to apply:

  •  Read the instructions on Project Topic and Evaluation
  • Open the Application form and-
    • Indicate the title of your project (not to exceed 100 characters including spaces)
    • State your project proposal (max.1000 characters) and your team members no longer than 7 October 2020. 
    • Present a project proposal aimed to find a solution to a specific problem that you have identified. 

Then proceed to design and develop ideas, tools, and actions to solve this real, industry-based problem with a solution that is feasible and therefore that may be of interest to the food industry.

  • Click here for detailed information on Online Training  
  • Click here to complete the application form.  
  • Contact for more inquiries about the competition

About the Food Factory-4-Us Sustainable Supply Chain International Student Competition

The Food Factory-4-Us Sustainable Supply Chain International Student Competition is a contest for students enrolled in food study programs who are passionate about creating change in their region’s food sector. 

The aim of the program is to assist changemakers to contribute to innovation in sustainable food systems as well as the quality and safety of foods in their countries. 

The 2020 Food Factory-4-Us Sustainable Supply Chain International Student Competition seeks to resolve issues around how food biodiversity can be valorized and implementing great ideas for valorizing food biodiversity. 

The competition aims to improve students’ practical ability in identifying and solving real problems in sustainable food production. 

Participants in this competition are also participating in a research project on education.

Funded with support from the European Commission, organized by The ISEKI-Food Association through its affiliate European FooD-STA, and under the umbrella of the FoodFactory-4-Us competitions, this program will support and strengthen the dialogue between academia, industry, and stakeholders in the food sector. 

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Key Dates and Order of Program

Application for this program will close by the deadline of September 30th, 2020. 

Team application and submission of the project proposal must be carried out no later than 7th October 2020. 

Shortlisted teams will be notified by 15th October 2020

Online training will take place between 15 October 2020 to 31 January 2021. 

The deadline for submission of all project report and presentation is 31st January 2021 via email to

Check the detailed deadlines and scheduled online training here.

The final presentation of all the projects at the FoodFactory-4-Us Final Virtual Conference on Valorizing Food Biodiversity in the presence of industry representatives and stakeholders and presentation of the winners will take place by the Week of 15 February 2021. 

The Advisory Board using a set of predetermined evaluation criteria will evaluate the projects and select the winner on the basis of:

  • The originality of the project. 
  • The match of the project to the competition aim. 
  • The innovativeness and potential exploitability of the project (application to industry and social, economic and environmental impact). 
  • The group interaction and team work in achieving the project.
  • The clarity and overall quality of the written report. 
  • The PPT Slides: The clarity and overall quality of the submitted ppt presentation.
  • The Presentation: The clarity and overall quality of the oral presentation, including the team interaction.

The Advisory board will evaluate all submitted projects and presentations for innovation; industry applicability; and social, economic and environmental impact.

All accepted student teams will begin working independently on their projects and will participate in a series of trainings set to take place virtually. 

All online trainings and the Final Virtual Conference will be scheduled at an hour suitable for the time zones of the teams. The Advisory Board will inform all teams about the contents and any assignments of the above-mentioned trainings well in advance.

Networking and Partnership Opportunities

Since 2017, The ISEKI-Food Student Training, the FoodFactory-4-Us International Student Competition Game has held largely due to the support from the sponsors. The 2020 edition of the competition is administered and organized by 

  • ISEKI Food association 
  • NextFOOD 
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