Are you a Ph.D. student studying survey or geomatics? Then you should apply for the FIG Foundation PhD Scholarship 2021.

The FIG Foundation will be providing scholarships of up to 4,000 euros plus possible funding for conference travel to Ph.D. students. The FIG Foundation raises funds to secure a sustainable future for surveyors. 

Application Deadline: June 1, 2021


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  • Successful applicants will receive up to 4.000 Euros;
  • They will also get a further grant of up to 3,000 Euros to attend and present a peer-reviewed paper at a FIG conference.


To be eligible for the FIG Foundation scholarship, you should: 

  • Be studying for a Ph.D. degree.
  • Be registered in a surveying/geomatics academic programme that teaches surveying in a country listed by the World Bank as a low-income, lower-middle or upper middle income economy.
  • Have had a paper accepted by a peer-reviewed international journal based on your doctoral research project.

P.S: You should be the lead author, and the paper should be co-authored with your supervisor 

  • Not have submitted your final thesis at the application deadline.

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Application Instructions

Applications are to be sent to fig.foundation@fig.net with “FIG Foundation Ph.D. Scholarship Application” shown in Subject Line. The required documents should be correctly filled in and included in your application.

The following documents  should be submitted in English as a single file in PDF format on A4 size paper using 25 mm (1″ margins): 

  • A cover sheet showing your personal details and those of your institution.
  • A brief description and argument as to how your academic program addresses the “teaches surveying and graduates surveyors” component. 

N.B: Provide web links to program descriptions, course outlines and details of courses.

  • A 200 word abstract. This should be written in terms understandable to the lay person; similar to a press release and which the FIG Foundation could actually use as a press release in the event of a successful application.
  • A one page research proposal as per the template below on A4 size paper. Note that the one page limit will be strictly enforced; material that extends beyond one page will be deleted.
  • For the paper accepted by a peer reviewed international journal based on their doctoral research project, provide a copy of the paper that was re-submitted to the journal after corrections have been completed, or submit the published paper.
  • A letter from the editor of the journal indicating that the paper has been accepted and that the necessary corrections have been completed satisfactorily.
  • The journal’s  referees’ reports for the paper.
  • A list of peer reviewed journal publications over the last 6 years using the International Journal of GIS (IJGIS) reference list format. 
  • A list of research funding obtained over the past 5 years, indicating which grants are peer reviewed or not.
  • A description of research compliance, the research account and activity auditing structures and processes in their institution. For example, if a scientist spends money inappropriately, are there structures in place to refund the granting agency? Provide the names and web addresses of the administration departments and official organization descriptions dealing with research compliance.
  • A description of the structures and processes in their institution that pertain to research ethics, in particular ethics relating to research involving human subjects, if that is relevant to the grant application. 
  •  A budget indicating how the funds will be spent and a one-page justification of the budget. 
  • A brief letter from the applicant’s Ph.D. supervisor indicating that they have read this document, that they confirm that the applicant has viewed the videos on How to Write Grant Proposals to the FIG Foundation, and that they have read the applicant’s proposal and recommend (or not) that the FIG Foundation Board of Directors consider the proposal.
  • In a separate PDF document, provide a comprehensive academic CV. Seek advice on what constitutes an academic CV.

NOTE: Each item should begin on a new page.

Also, ensure that you adhere to the requirements above to avoid disqualification.

For more information about the documentation needed, click here.

About the FIG Foundation Ph.D. Scholarship

The FIG Foundation raises funds to secure a sustainable future for surveyors. Donations finance educational and capacity-building projects and scholarships, especially in developing countries and countries in transition, and encourage research into all disciplines of surveying and help disseminate the results of that research.

Key Dates and Order of Program

The deadline for the application is June 1st, 2021.

Applications will be judged on the quality of the application and need. 

In the event that two excellent applications are judged to be of equal quality applications from low-income and lower-middle income countries will be preferred.

Grantees’ final reports and progress reports on their activities and use funds will be published on the Foundation web page, and perhaps elsewhere, where appropriate.

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