Funded Study Scholarship for Candidates from Low-Income/Lower-Middle Income Countries in the Engineering for Development (E4D) Continuing Education Scholarship Program 2021

The Engineering for Development (E4D) Continuing Education Scholarship Program will award scholarships for travel and living expenses to candidates from low-​income countries to attend continuing education programs at ETH Zurich.

In addition to receiving financial support, candidates selected for the program will receive training and acquire skills to improve the socio-economic status of their home countries. 

Application Deadline: 30th November, 2020.


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For successful candidates, the following will be covered by the scholarship:

  • Economy roundtrip ticket (maximum 2’000 CHF). 
  • Visa fees. 
  • Living allowance for the duration of the program. 
  • ETH general tuition fee waiver (660 CHF per semester).


To be eligible for consideration for the scholarship, applicants must- 

  • Be from Least Developed Countries, Low Income Countries and Lower Middle Income Countries as classified in the DAC-​list of the OECD.
  • Hold a completed and recognized Master’s degree from a university 
  • Have evidenced professional working experience of at least 2 years.
  • Have a minimal English standard of TOEFL level C1. 

If the continuing education program requires a minimal level in another language, proof of this level should also be submitted. 


  • Candidates need to be accepted by the School for Continuing Education, ETH Zurich as well as the MAS, DAS or CAS program office.
  • Only candidates who are admitted to an ETH MAS, DAS or CAS program based on their academic and professional qualifications will be considered for a scholarship. 
  • Candidates must apply to both
    •  A continuing education program, and
    • The E4D scholarship. 

Applicants should contact the program coordinator of their chosen continuing education program concerning the admission process timeline in order to be able to obtain an admission letter  before the E4D scholarship application deadline.

  • The following expenses will NOT be covered by the by the E4D Continuing Education Scholarship:
    • The program fees of the MAS/CAS/DAS.
    • The general application fee of the School for Continuing Education of 150 CHF. 

However, in case an application to the E4D continuing education scholarship is valid but not selected, the fee can be paid back to candidates from low income countries.

  • Note that without an ETH admission confirmation letter, the application will not be valid.

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Application Instructions

After ensuring your country is eligible, follow the instructions in the foregoing to register:

Check the “School for Continuing Education” to get an overview of the different programmes.

  • Submit the following materials-
    • Application Documents
    • Updated CV 
    • MSc or Masters Diploma and academic transcript(s)
    • 1-2 page application letter, stating the motivation to attend the program and the impact for your career development and beyond. 
    • Two professional references
    • Formal admission letter by the School for Continuing Education confirming that you’ve been admitted to the MAS, DAS or CAS program for the respective semester. 
    • Certificate of employment. 

The certificate of employment letter must be sent to the E4D program office directly through your employer (and not you). 

    • Certificate of English level (minimum TOEFL level C1).
  • Click here to apply. 


  • Only applications submitted through the online application portal will be accepted. 

Applications through email or by post will not be considered.

About the E4D Continuing Education Scholarship Program

The Engineering for Development (E4D) Continuing Education Scholarship Program supports candidates from low-​income countries by granting them scholarships to attend continuing education programs at ETH Zurich.

The program seeks to improve the knowledge and skills of future leaders with the perspective of contributing to capacity development and poverty reduction in their home countries.

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Key Dates and Order of Program

The deadline for application is November 30th, 2020. 

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