Get a Stipend of $55,000 at Harvard University in the Edward O. Wilson Biodiversity Doctoral Fellowship 2022

Submit an application for the Edward O. Wilson Biodiversity Doctoral Fellowship 2022 at the

Harvard University to get a yearly stipend of $55,000 and a research and travel allowance of $4,000

a year.

Application Deadline: September 30 2021


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  • A Stipend of $55,000/year
  • Research and travel allowance of $4,000/year


  • A Ph.D. with relevant research experience in taxonomy and/or systematics is required.
  • All formal requirements for the doctoral degree must be completed before the start of the fellowship, though degree receipt may be forthcoming.
  • The EOW fellowship program is open to both U.S. and non-U.S. citizens.
  • Applicants need to identify at least one faculty-curator who has agreed to supervise the fellowship.

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Application Instructions

  • A cover letter no longer than one page.
  • A research proposal, no longer than four pages and single-spaced, should describe:
  • the nature and scope of the proposed research project;
  • the approach and methods to be employed;
  • how existing MCZ collections would be utilized and augmented with new specimens;
  • laboratory and equipment requirements;
  • the proposed MCZ faculty-curator sponsor, and
  • likely products (publications, etc.) to be completed by the end of the fellowship period.
  • Research budget: Include a simple, one-page budget that itemizes anticipated research and travel costs, not to exceed the fellowship allowance.
  • A curriculum vitae no longer than three pages.
  • Up to five pertinent publications.
  • Three letters of recommendation from non-Harvard scientists. Include names and contact information of the three referees with the application. The letters will be submitted separately from the application through an online system (see below). Letters are due within two weeks following the application deadline. The application is complete only when all three letters are received.
  • Interview: A subset of applicants may be asked to further discuss their proposals with the selection committee via videoconference.

Submission through Harvard Academic Recruiting Information eSystem (ARieS)

About the Edward O. Wilson Biodiversity Doctoral Fellowship

Through a generous founding gift from Edward O. Wilson, Faculty-Curator Emeritus and University Research Professor Emeritus, and with support from additional donors, the Museum of Comparative Zoology (MCZ) at Harvard University has established the E.O. Wilson Postdoctoral Fellowship Program.

This program supports postdoctoral researchers at MCZ to pursue the discovery and formal taxonomic description of Earth’s animal species.

Fellows will work under the supervision of one or more MCZ faculty-curators, who will provide office space, access to lab facilities and necessary research support.

The program aims to achieve broad taxonomic coverage and is not restricted to any particular taxon.

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Key Dates and Order of Program

  • September 30 2021 : Application deadline.

Applications will be evaluated by a committee of Harvard faculty who will prioritize the following in the selection process:

  • The likelihood that the proposed work will result in the discovery and formal taxonomic description of animal species new to science.
  • Fully developed and well thought out research programs with significance of proposed research clearly highlighted. 
  • The use of integrative methodologies that combine several data types in crafting solutions to taxonomic problems.
  • A strong academic record of taxonomic/systemics research.

Additional considerations

  • Preference will be given to applicants not currently affiliated with Harvard University, and to those who have received their doctoral degree within the previous three years.
  • In order to encourage a diversity of expertise within the MCZ, preference will be given to individuals studying taxonomic groups not currently under investigation by an active EOW Fellow (please refer to the list of active fellows).
  • At this time, the selection committee will not consider proposals emphasizing the taxonomy and systematics of fossil/extinct species.
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