Win up to $10,000 Cash Prize for Asians in the #DigitalAgainstCOVID-19 ADB-AIM Hackathon 2020

Rise to the challenge, be a part of shaping the new normal and apply for the 2020 Asia Development Bank (ADB) and AIM Hackathon. 

Focused on the COVID-19 crisis, the 2020 ADB-AIM Hackathon provides a platform for individuals who can see beyond the current state of affairs regarding the pandemic, envision the new normal in light of potential long-term behavioral changes and can suggest innovative solutions to address these shifts and their associated challenges in the post-COVID era.

Basically you are to think of innovative ways to utilize digital tools and technologies to tackle what life will be like in the new normal, submit these ideas to the Hackathon and you could win up to $10,000. Plus your innovative ideas could be the world’s saving grace. 

See below for more details on the hackathon, how to apply, eligibility, and deadline. 

Application Deadline: July 31, 2020


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Winners of the hackathon receive 

  • A cash prize of up to USD10,000,
  • A chance to partner with ADB-AIM to implement the solution 
  • Access to a  platform where they could possibly enforce real change and  improve quality of life after the pandemic


The Hackathon is open to innovations from global problem solvers such as

  • Startups, 
  • Companies 
  • Universities 
  • Research organizations 
  • Industry players.

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Application Instructions

After applying, contestants can submit their ideas at any stage, throughout the hackathon’s 9-month duration. 

Click here to apply.

About DigitalAgainstCOVID-19 ADB-AIM Hackathon 2020

The 2020 DigitalAgainstCOVID-19 ADB-AIM Hackathon is organized by Agorize. 

Agorize is an 80-person startup that specializes in organizing O2O (Online to Offline) open innovation challenges & hackathons.

The company has organized almost 1000 challenges involving a community of 5 million innovators through its dedicated platform & works with over 200 key account clients.

Discover more opportunities from Agotize

The Hackathon Challenge

Identify ways in which digital tools and technologies could help us address the essential long-term problems and needs of these critical areas:

  • Economic Development
  • Health and Well-being
  • Education
  • Enhancing Institutions

Key Dates and Order of Program

All participants must apply before/by the 31st of July, 2020

The challenge stages last a 3-month phase each, starting from articulating problems to identifying solutions. 

The Hackathon timeline

  • April- October: Application period 
    • April- Hackathon Launch 
    • May- 1st Evaluation 
    • June- 2nd Evaluation 
    • July- 
      • Pitching and Evaluation 
      • Round 1 winners announced
    • August- 1st Evaluation 
    • September- 2nd Evaluation 
    • October-
      • Pitching and evaluation 
      • Round 2 winners announced
  • November- 1st Evaluation 
  • December-  2nd Evaluation 
  • January 2021- 
      • Pitching and evaluation 
      • Round 3 winners announced 
  • February 
  • March- Grand finals

Contestants will go through application, evaluation, mentoring, and pitching

The submission will be reviewed and assessed by the Jury based on the following criteria:

  • Business Value 30%
  • Operational Feasibility & Scalability 30%
  • User Experience 20%
  • Technical Competency 20%

3-5 Solutions will be selected per Round. The winning solutions will be selected based on value.

The selected solutions and ideas will be supported beyond the hackathon by ADB and will be provided access to resources and funding for further development.

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