Call for Applications in the AO Spine Europe and Southern Africa Fellowship Program 2021

Application Deadline: June 30 2021


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An AO SESA stipend for each fellow will be transferred to the bank account of the fellow once the fellowship has started, based on availability of the required budget. If a regular bank transfer is not possible, additional fees (eg for a western union transfer) will be deducted from the fellow’s stipend.


Eligible recipients must:

Be a paying member of AO Spine. Non members can also apply and the membership fee would be deducted from the AO SESA stipend.

Be a spine physician or specialized in orthopedics, Neurosurgery, or Truma surgery with a strong interest in spine surgery.

Speak and understand English, as English is the first language in South Africa.

Submit a complete application form and required documents in time (June 1-30)

Have previously participated in at least 5 hours of AO Spine education (including handson courses, seminars, local seminars, Global Spine congress, webinars)

Have not participated in any other AO fellowship within the past three years (from the date when the application is handed in) 

Live and work in a sub Saharan African Country of the Republic of South Africa 

Registration (or ability to register) with the Health professionals Council of South Africa.

Neurosurgery/orthopedic surgery specialty completed.

To be practicing in a sub-Saharan and to provide a written letter of intent to return to their country of origin to practice for three or more years upon the end of the fellowship period is considered an advantage.

Female candidates would be given priority, in order to enhance the access of of women to
training opportunities.

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Application Instructions

Required documents for application

Letter of motivation, including country of origin and thier expectations on where to practise after the fellowship (Country, description of the environment, private or non-private practice/hospital position)

Curriculum Vitae

Copy of medical school diploma.

About the AO SESA

AO Spine Europe and Southern Africa Fellowship Program 2021

Short her fellowships are offered in official AO certified Spine centers namely hospitals or clinics throughout the regions.

Applicants must choose and prioritize a minimum of 3 spine centers, which increases their chances of being accepted.

However, the final decision regarding choice of AO Spine center will be made based on the number of applications and availability of AO spine centers.

A fellowship cannot take place in an AO Spine center where the fellow already works, or in a hospital that is not certified as AO Spine Center.

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Key Dates and Order of Program

The long term Fellowship application form for the following year opens annually at June 1 and closes at June 30.

AO Spine offers short-term fellowships that range in duration from 1 week up to 8 weeks. In case the fellow would like to do a 12 week fellowship, the additional 4 weeks must be self-financed by the fellow and approved individually by the spine center.

Networking and Partnership Opportunities

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