Get up to $5,000 for Young Peacebuilders in the African Union Youth Silencing the Guns Award 2020

Nominate a young Peacebuilder you know for the 2020 AU Youth Silencing the Guns Award to celebrate them and get them the recognition they deserve. 

Selected awardees will be celebrated on a wide platform and be granted funding to promote their projects.

Application Deadline: November 16, 2020. 


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The award winners will receive:

  • Up to $5,000 grant funding to aid their existing peacebuilding projects.
  • Recognition for their works 
  • A Feature at the African Union and Partners Platform


To be eligible for nomination, the Nominee must 

  • Be aged between 15 to 35 by November 30, 2020 (as dictated by the African Youth Charter definition of youth).
  • Be a national and current resident of the African Union member states.
  • Fit in one of the 6 award categories and directly address one of the thematic areas.
  • Have a project with a demonstrated impact in peacebuilding and direct impact on at least 300 people.
  • Must have a project that is apolitical in nature and must not be operated for profit.


  • The Nominee must be committed to report on Monitoring and Evaluation of how the grant/Award supported the work of their projects.
  • The Nominee’s complete contact information must be provided. 
  • The Nominee must be fully aware that they are being nominated. 

It’s strongly recommended that the person you are nominating assist you in completing the nomination form. 

Free Worksheet and Checklist

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Application Instructions

To nominate a Young Peacebuilder for the 2020 African Union Youth Silencing the Guns Award, 

  • Fill a form corresponding to the nominee’s project in any of the categories below:
    • Building Conflict- Free Africa:  The award will go to any young man or woman who has contributed immensely to conflict prevention or resolution in their community/ country/ continent through mediation, negotiation, peacebuilding efforts, education and promoting peace, reconciliation and unity amongst others.
    • Silencing Poverty & Hunger: The award will go to any young man or woman who has contributed immensely to reducing poverty and hunger within their community/ country/ continent.
    • Silencing Gender-Based Violence: The award will go to any young man or woman whose work helps to reduce the incidence of Gender-Based Violence in their community/ country/ continent, or who work to support victims of GBV.
    • Silencing Youth Unemployment: The award will go to any young man or woman, leading advocacy around unemployment in their community/ country/ continent; or contributing to solving the unemployment challenges in their country and creating jobs.
    • Silencing Corruption: The award will go to any young man or woman who has campaigned to end corruption in their community/ country/ continent.
    • Silencing Climate Crisis: The award will go to any young man or woman who has done tremendous work in calling attention to the climate crisis in their country/continent or doing extensive work to mitigate the impact of climate change in their community/country/ continent.
  • Click here to nominate your candidate. 

About the Africa Union Youth Silencing the Guns Awards

Established by the AU Office of the Youth Envoy to celebrate, recognize and support young Africans behind impactful peacebuilding initiatives that are building a culture of peace, the Youth Silencing the Guns Awards seeks to directly support their initiatives with grants. 

The awards will also shine a light on six young peacebuilders at the forefront of impactful Silencing the Guns initiatives.

The program will help raise awareness and celebrate the youths’ initiatives. 

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Key Dates and Order of Program

All nominations must be submitted before the deadline of November 16, 2020.

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