Are you a young African writer? 

Then Submit an application for the African Liberty Writing Fellowship 2021, for a chance to be identified as a freedom minded African writer and be provided with the skills needed for Op-ed writing.

Application Deadline: May 5 2021


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  • The African Liberty Writing Fellowship program is designed to identify promising freedom-minded African writers and provide them with the skills required to be successful in op-ed writing.


  • An applicant has to be enrolled in, or must have graduated from, an African institution of higher learning. Or be an African pursuing higher education outside the continent.
  • Applicants must be committed to the entire duration of the program.

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Application Instructions

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About the African Liberty Writing Fellowship

African liberty was founded in 2007 as a project of the Cato institute and IMANI Africa, thereafter the Atlas Network. It is a platform for advancing individual freedom, peace and prosperity in Africa by promoting civil discussion and debate about social, legal economic and world issues affecting Africans.

We identify and train young promising African freedom advocates in professional journalistic writing and help them kickstart careers in journalism and policy by working with Africa-focused think tanks and partner media outlets.

We produce and promote original reporting, interviews, and commentary to raise the level of substantive discussion both among Africans and between Africa and the rest of the world.

We carry out these responsibilities through a network of young writers, researchers, and commentators covering topics related to human rights, free expression, economic development, technology, criminal justice, entrepreneurship, and much more.

African Liberty is an editorially-independent platform powered by African Students For Liberty (ASFL).

Key Dates and Order of Program

Applications should be submitted on or before May 5 2021

The top twenty candidates will be recommended for admission as writing fellows.

Accepted applicants will complete a 5-week mandatory online course after which all candidates will be evaluated.

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