Nominate or get nominated to participate in the Africa Food Prize 2021 and stand a chance to win up to $100,000 in cash as well as an opportunity to have your bold initiatives and technical innovations in the Agricultural industry spotlighted and showcased to the world. 

Application Deadline: May 25, 2021


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More than one winner can be awarded the price, but not more than two. In such case, the money will be shared equally between them(USD 100,000 divided in two), a diploma and a trophy.


  • Open to any individual or identifiable group of individuals, as well as to established institutions, associations, organizations or government bodies with a formal and recognized judicial organisational structure contributing to the overall objective of the prize
  • It can be awarded to any qualified candidate, irrespective of nationality, profession or location whose work and contributions has a clear impact on the Agricultural sector.
  • The prize can be awarded with reference to a particular contribution or achievement or a series of efforts and results in the recent past, preferably within the last few years.
  • Current or recent members of the Africa food prize committee or organization headed by such a member are ineligible.
  • The prize cannot be awarded to a person already deceased but will be presented in the event a prize winner dies before receiving the prize.

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Application Instructions

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About the Africa Food Prize 2021

The Africa Food Prize is the preeminent award recognizing an outstanding individual or institution that is leading the effort to change the reality of farming in Africa—from a struggle to survive to a business that thrives.

The US $100,000 prize celebrates Africans who are taking control of Africa’s agriculture agenda. It puts a spotlight on bold initiatives and technical innovations that can be replicated across the continent to create a new era of food security and economic opportunity for all Africans.

Key Dates and Order of Program

Deadline for nominations is May 25, 2021

  • The prize committee considers the following criteria for the prize
  • Contribution to reducing poverty and hunger and/or improving food and nutrition security in measurable terms.
  • Contribution to providing a viable source of and/or employment in measurable terms
  • Potential for transformative chnage through scalability, replication and sustainability.
  • Increased awareness and cooperation among African audiences and organizations
  • Proven leadership potential of the individual or organization.

The winner would be unveiled at African Green Revolution (AGRF) this September.

Past Winners

2020 Africa Food Prize (AFP)

  • Dr. André Bationo 
  • Dr. Catherine Nakalembe 
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