Get up to R110, 000 Music Grants for South African artists in the Arts & Culture Trust (ACT) Professional Development 2020

If you’re a South African national and artist/organization involved in music, apply now to the ACT Professional Development Grants for a chance to be awarded in Music production.

An excellent opportunity for young SA artistes/organizations who are committed to creating change, this program equips creatives with innovative ways to produce high-quality, innovative local art.

With the support of the program, applying musical artistes can take advantage of this unique initiative to keep making music that inspires us, and keeps us all going during the Covid-19 period. 

Sign up for this initiative and get that grant to help you resolve the many unique challenges South African artists face. 

Application Deadline: July 12, 2020


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There’s a total of 9 grants to be awarded. Successful applicants are up to win:

  • One of six small grants of R30 000 each for emerging/middle-level artists and organizations 
  • One of three grants of R80 000 each for established artists and organizations


To be eligible for the grant:

  • Applicants must be a South African national
  • Emerging/midlevel artistes and organizations must have been operating professionally for at least one year and have experience of managing budgets of less than R50 000 to be considered emerging.
  • Established artists and organizations must have been in operation for three or more years and have a proven track record of successful projects with budgets exceeding R50 000 to be considered established
  • Projects must be carried out in South Africa.
  •  The allocation of grants is at the discretion of the ACT board of trustees. 
  • The decision with regard to all applications for funding is final and no further correspondence will be entered into.

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Application Instructions

Applicants who are fit for all criteria should click here to apply

About the Arts & Culture Trust (ACT) Professional Development

The ACT Professional Development Programme has been assisting South African artists for 25 years, with the support of the Nedbank Arts Affinity. 

In partnership, both arts-based institutes launched the Arts & Culture Trust (ACT) Professional Development 2020 for artistes to create more art for the community to find solace and entertainment during the Covid-19 period. 

Through structured funding programs ACT provides support to all forms of arts and culture, including literature, music, visual art, theatre, and dance, and the support extends to festivals, community arts initiatives, arts management, arts education, and arts administration. 

In 2018 the ACT Professional Development Programme supported projects in the fields of visual art and dance, followed by literature in 2019 and theatre at the beginning of 2020. 

For the 2nd grant span of 2020 ACT is looking for projects with a focus on music and encourages applications for interdisciplinary works that have music as a core component. Hence this call for applications. 

The initiative is to support South African artists in the production of diverse inspirational works such as:

Key Dates and Order of Program

Submission of applications will close by Sunday, 12 July 2020.

Candidates for the program will be reviewed by the ACT board of trustees. 

All decision with regard to all applications for the grant is final. 

Applicants who will be awarded the grants will be reviewed and selected based on their evidenced passion, commitment, and dedication to the art.

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