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Win $1,000 in Seed Funding for Start ups and Social Enterprises in the StartupXs Changemakers Seed Funding 2022 (Age 18 and above)

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Are you a small start up or social enterprises in need of seed funding?

Then submit an application in the StartupXs Changemakers Seed Funding 2022, to win up to $1,000 as seed fund.

Application Deadline: December 31 2021

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You receive an award of $1,000 as seed funding for your start up.


Free Worksheet and Checklist

Here at Camberene, we go the extra mile to make sure you win. So we have designed a beautiful checklist to help you keep track of your progress and make sure you\’re doing things correctly.

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About the StartupXs Changemakers Seed Funding


StartupXs has launched the “ChangeMakers Seed Funding 2022” for startups and social enterprises who want to create positive change in their community. All early-stage business innovators, startups, and social enterprises are invited to apply.

StartupXs supports entrepreneurs through the early stages of business development. We believe that startups and social enterprises can play a key role in solving social challenges, not only in their community but globally. Change Makers Seed Funding 2022 will support one changemaker with $1000 in seed funding. No strings attached.

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Past Winners

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